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New Year’s Eve Inspiration

In between Christmas and end of year, the plans for New Year’s Eve celebration is in full force. Here’s what I am thinking for a formal dinner setting Source Cocktails from here Appetizers Recipe for New Year’s Eve Cake I intend to bake Roast beef is on the NYE menu, with my secret recipe rub. But since I cannot share, here’s a recipe close to the one I intend to make. And for new year’s day – a reset might be in order from here. Have a wonderful celebration, stay safe, drink responsibly and enjoy your company 🙂

Boutique Hotel Pick – Soho House – New York, Istanbul, Chicago

I sort of slowed down with my hotel picks over the holidays but I’m starting to get the itch to travel again – as I said many times before, if I could do it full time, I would without a second thought. But for now, traveling is spread across the year. But believe me the dreaming hasn’t stopped, where one day I can simply travel. Here’s a hotel pick – Soho House – New York, Istanbul, and Chicago, perfect decor, elegance, and charm are what come to mind for these home away from home hotels. And the history behind each building is something wonderful to read as well.  

inspiring luxury living

One of my favorite things to do, on Saturday mornings, is to walk my dog through predominant neighborhoods in San Francisco and imagine how it would be to own one of those properties. In light of that fact, I often am inspired by the decor associated with luxury living. Here are some of my recent favorites.

what i wish for the new year 2013

Every year, most of us, partake in making  some sort of a new year’s resolution and although some actually carry it out in the following year, other’s drop the ball almost immediately. Either way, it’s a good way to look  forward to the new year and new opportunities.   This year, while I debated my own personal new year’s resolution, I decided  one of them to be  a universal wish list for 2013 and here it is: 1. I wish parents would stop fiddling with their cell phones while being around their children. Whether it be across a dinner table, or in a park or at a mall, parents need to set a good example for  their children and it should start with putting their cell phones down while with them. 2. I wish more people would stop, if only once a week, and take the time to smell the flowers. I guarantee this exercise will give each person the opportunity to reflect on what is important in life and how to reprioratize to  sift out …

mental escape from condo remodel

It has been an interesting week to say the least. With work and having to shop for all the necesaties for the condo project. I simply wanted to get the shopping out of the way so I can spend the entire weekend painting, cutting, pasting, well you get the point. Although I enjoy this type of challenge, last night I finally felt extremely tired from all the running around. So, I decided to escape online and find some of my favorite photos of home decor I would love to incorporate into my own fantasy loft.  Click on photo to see more. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

decor – vibrant yellow hues in interior decor

I am so glad Spring is here and I might say that San Francisco is getting a pretty good taste of it this week with warm temperatures and sunny skies. Usually around this time of the year, I begin to think about bright colors, flowers and all things Spring. So naturally my decor radar tends to lean towards unconventional  (and to some conventional) colors throughout the home. In this case, it is the color yellow. In my opinion, this color is also a hit or miss, depending on the shade or hue selected to incorporate throughout the home. It is also a color found mostly in mediterranean themed hotels and coastal homes. I for one love the color and as I stated before, if I had the chance to redecorate my home several times throughout the year, I would surely include the color yellow . Here are some of my favorite photos of yellow decor, tell me what you think?

wedding shoes for the woman over 40

In yesterdays blog entry I suggested some beautiful gowns here for that special day for the woman over 40. Along with choosing the right gowns, it is also very important to select the right type of shoes and although I am not loyal to any particular  shoe designers and their products, I have included an online catalog here from Badgley Mischka Spring 2011 footwear collection for you to consider, when shopping for your special wedding day, or “renewing wedding vows” or simply to match with a dress you plan to wear to a wedding in 2011. Tell me what you think?

new year lifestyle makeover

Normally around the end of a year or the beginning of a new one, people tend to reconfigure their life and lifestyles in an effort to make changes, which in essence will allow them to feel good about themselves throughout the New Year. It’s funny this behavior is almost automatic and whether we think about it or not, all of us participate uniformly and sometimes subconsciously. While searching online for various small or big changes people tend to make around the end or beginning of a new year are: 1.Get  rid  of old clothes and donate them to a worthy cause 2. Spruce up the house by either painting or redecorating a room or two. 3.  Contemplate a new hair do and/or color treatment. 4. Shred old or expired files and organize a new filing system. 5. Clean out linen closets and declutter a food pantry. 6. Shop for a new perfume or explore new make up options. 7. Get a message or a spa treatment 8. Purge computer and organize online photos 9. Get …