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In Love with the Idea of …

This morning I woke up reflective, and the best way to explain the dozen or so views going through my mind after Saturday Bruch with much girl-talk, is that, I have come to the realization that perhaps humanity  is merely in love with the idea of…whatever they think might revive their otherwise neutral existence. Do you agree, or I am off my rocker? Feel free to offer up your take on the topic {image(s) source}

Decor and Style Articles of Interest

This past week was a lull. Not a peep at work, on the roads, online, and even television felt boring. Not sure what was going on – but I can only assume that after experiencing two weeks of pure warm and sunny weather, California is dealing with a cold front – which puts everyone in a slump. So, this Saturday morning, I see a slow start to the day. Perhaps lingering in bed, and thumbing through what’s interesting online. Kind of like this:

inspiring luxury living

One of my favorite things to do, on Saturday mornings, is to walk my dog through predominant neighborhoods in San Francisco and imagine how it would be to own one of those properties. In light of that fact, I often am inspired by the decor associated with luxury living. Here are some of my recent favorites.

interior decor – setting a high standard of living

While traveling, I often visit museums, designer stores and historic palaces and fall madly inlove with the luxurious interior decor which in theory can only be appreciated from afar, unless of course you are royalty. So, to get my spirits up while running from one meeting to another to discuss issues which will never get resolved, I find a few seconds in between to sit at my desk and click through some of my favorite inspirational interior decor.