Month: March 2016

Fashion: Anne Taylor Revisted

When I had a corporate job in the financial district of San Francisco, I shopped at Anne Taylor and Banana Republic mostly  for the business attire required for the duration of my career in finance. Since then I’ve worked in wonderful jobs, where a more casual look is welcomed. So, I have to admit I haven’t been to Anne Taylor for a while, until these popped up on my Facebook page. You had me at perfection Anne Taylor, for casual to dressy, work to cocktails, Spring to summer dresses to be worn with a cardigan n array of colors.

For The Love of Dogs, or Calling All Dog Lovers

I love my dog to pieces like most dog-owners do. I consider him or rather he considers himself human, participating in our conversations, and dinner preps, and even expressions while watching  a television program. He is the best at everything he does. My favorite when he snuggles against me the early morning hours, or while I sit up in bed early Saturday and Sunday mornings, typing away at my novels.  You get my point. This man, took his love of his dog to a whole new level only the photographs below can explain 🙂 and then some:  

My Request On This Easter Day

The past several months, I’ve been sad and very frightened about what is going on around the world and here in the U.S. Stemming mostly from information overload that is truly driving everyone to some sort of madness. At work, at home, and even on Facebook, expressing nothing but hatred towards mankind, global warming, economic issues, war, terrorism, religion, sexual orientation and political corruption. Since when in modern times, have we become so scary intolerant of anyone voicing any sort of opinion, or taking a stand on what they believe? and if we continue on this path, where will this world end up? So I plead on this Easter day for the world to stop, and take a moment to reflect upon the beauty of life, and the universe and everything that was bestowed upon us to make the best of it all. And if you find yourself still in an evil state of mind. Then for heaven’s sake go seek solace in whatever religion you believe in, and pray the heavens above for mental …

Lifestyle: Small Living Spaces…A New Trend?

Six years ago, my hubs and I sold our 5-bedroom two-story in the suburbs and moved back to San Francisco, into a small studio with views of the ocean. In the beginning it was very difficult for us to get used the open-concept space we used for living, dining, and sleeping in. The worst was we worked different shifts. So while I slept he had to wake up and get ready – at 2 in the morning, and while he went to bed at 7p, I was up, and in need of watching television or doing something around the room which required movement. Eventually we got used it, and six years later, have very minimal issues with such a tight space. Lately, I’ve been watching Tiny Living Spaces on HGTV, where families give up their homes to live in small spaces, hopeful the concept would improve their quality of life, or  lifestyle. I can honestly say that if you have the right attitude and mind-set, the downsize has its benefits for sure. Two particular ones …

Decor: Ideas to Live By In Decor That Is

Recently I helped decorate a condo for someone returning to San Francisco, possibly against her will-long story. I wanted to make her space warm and inviting, to help ease the transition, while keeping the space streamlined clean, and functional. Until I finish adding the final touches (in the next few weeks) to share with you the results, I am instead more than happy to share my inspiration board.

Easter Egg Hunt or Simple Decor

My family tradition of coloring eggs is simple. We allow my mother to do it, the old fashioned traditional way. Throwing the eggs in beet boiled water, and that’s it. But I do love a creative egg coloring ritual over a bottle of champagne – for adults only, and the best decorated or colored set of six eggs gets a gift certificate to Starbucks, or something fun like that. Anyway, here are some of my favorite decorated egg ideas, plus one I will be enforcing in my household. And the winner for Easter 2016 egg coloring ideas is: {source for all photos}

Food: Two Recipes Worth A Try

This blogger I follow religiously. I guess I appreciate her success more than anything, and her seemingly carefree appearances. I miss that about myself. Anyway, there are two recipes on her site I sort of found myself drooling over, and of course the need to share. One is the Sticky Slow Roast Lamb. I am not a fan of Lamb, so I will turn this recipe into a Sticky slow roast Roast 🙂  for Easter Dinner Next up – Nutella Martini, I am going to serve my guests – not sure if before or after the roast. I usually consider such a cocktail a replacement for dessert. What are you having for Easter supper?

Health and Beautfy: Caring for Your Skin And You

One of the biggest concerns I think most women have is skin, next to being over-weight. Hair is third  in line of the worries as we age. This past two weeks, while I hacked my brains out with the worst cold/flu/whatever in 5 years, I began to see myself aging in the weirdest sort of way.  Then while I looked up information about home remedies or the what-to-do suggestions to, if not get better sooner, than simply to alleviate  the agony of the symptoms.  I came across a few helpful articles, about, you know, helping yourself feel and look younger. {feature image credit}