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Lifestyle: Small Living Spaces…A New Trend?

Six years ago, my hubs and I sold our 5-bedroom two-story in the suburbs and moved back to San Francisco, into a small studio with views of the ocean.

In the beginning it was very difficult for us to get used the open-concept space we used for living, dining, and sleeping in. The worst was we worked different shifts. So while I slept he had to wake up and get ready – at 2 in the morning, and while he went to bed at 7p, I was up, and in need of watching television or doing something around the room which required movement.

Eventually we got used it, and six years later, have very minimal issues with such a tight space.

Lately, I’ve been watching Tiny Living Spaces on HGTV, where families give up their homes to live in small spaces, hopeful the concept would improve their quality of life, or  lifestyle. I can honestly say that if you have the right attitude and mind-set, the downsize has its benefits for sure. Two particular ones that come to mind right away. The ability to appreciate more with less clutter, and the fact you can actually afford to travel, and even save for the uncertain future.

With that said, here is my favorite Small living space i hope someday to duplicate:

6e0d3-1_kitchen-living_credit-claudia-uribe 9fe3d-brillhart-house-02-850x573 39d17-brillhart-house-09-850x567 dde6c-brillhart-house-12-850x486 f5611-1_kitchen_credit-claudia-uribe

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