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My Request On This Easter Day

The past several months, I’ve been sad and very frightened about what is going on around the world and here in the U.S. Stemming mostly from information overload that is truly driving everyone to some sort of madness. At work, at home, and even on Facebook, expressing nothing but hatred towards mankind, global warming, economic issues, war, terrorism, religion, sexual orientation and political corruption.

Since when in modern times, have we become so scary intolerant of anyone voicing any sort of opinion, or taking a stand on what they believe? and if we continue on this path, where will this world end up?

So I plead on this Easter day for the world to stop, and take a moment to reflect upon the beauty of life, and the universe and everything that was bestowed upon us to make the best of it all. And if you find yourself still in an evil state of mind. Then for heaven’s sake go seek solace in whatever religion you believe in, and pray the heavens above for mental stability, peace and the idea of love in your heart, self-control in all you do, and the push for human kindness, abandoning all hurtful and harmful words, upon actions, upon the ultimate destruction. This is all I ask of you.






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