Month: April 2015

fashion: looking younger, feeling classy

I watch the show Younger on television, the show naturally targeted to the 40 something’s. Each episode is better than the next, funny, very relatable and downright on point about a 40 something trying to fit in after her husband (surprise) leaves her. She transitions into a 20 something year old to be able to get a job, and be accepted in general. Lucky for her, her only daughter is away in College or traveling through Asia, and isn’t around to judge. 😉 The fashion is mostly what caught my attention with the creators of the show dressing the main character Eliza tastefully to communicate perfect her youthfulness, without compromising elegance or class, something most women over 40 needs to consider.  With that said, I have to share with you what I consider fashion to looking younger, yet feeling classy:

paris and more paris via instagram

Yes, it is that time of year where I do nothing but dream of Paris in all its glory and even not the very perfect, I learned from speaking with locals. But it matters not, a girl can dream, especially one who lives so far away from this magical city. Here are some of my favorite spots perfectly photographed and uploaded via Instagram here:

foggy monday morning in san francisco

Not sure if we hit that ugly foggy season really early this year. The one that blankets the city from sometime in May to August or early September-the longest days of the year, making it gray and too blah to feel inspired.  Anyway, if I were to explain to you in photographs what my mood is, then I’d have to say: {all photo source click here}

friday’s five interesting things online – vol 3

So many articles, almost so little time to read them all. But I make an effort daily, weeding out my favorites. This week’s finds – click on the photographs to be redirected to the articles: Never once I imagined while I strolled through this very corridor of the Palace in Monaco, that once Grace Kelly stood there to be photographed for her wedding. Never once did I imagine this would happen, when I turned over my very first souvenir of the Eiffel Tower and read Made in China. Never once did I imagine an AMERICAN newspaper posting details of the Armenian Genocide on the front page of the paper We never imagine it could really be possible to quit life, and move abroad, or do we? Can you imagine being as rich as the rich?  

travel: how I travel through france

I’ve been to France, mostly Paris, a dozen or more times, and every time I announce my plans to go, those who know me simply nod, unable to fathom the obsession I have with the country. It doesn’t matter, I am aware that only some of us understand Paris. How I travel through France is easy. I do it mostly by train, and I alternate the cities or towns I plan to visit each year, making Paris always my last stop for a week or so to simply take it all in. I walk through the neighborhoods, stopping only at a cafe here and there to rest, and people watch. I picnic by the Seine River, I sunbathe seated on a chair in Luxembourg Gardens, and I watch the sun set by the Eifel Tower. Never once skipping on visiting several old bookstores, and thumbing through books I know I would never find here in the states.  That’s all in Paris. I’ve also circled the country from one end to the other, visiting castles, wineries, museums, war memorials, …

decor: studio apartment living

I downsized my life about five years ago, leaving the suburbs, moving back to San Francisco, and loving every second of open concept studio apartment living. It’s funny how much we accumulate over the years, furnishing rooms and every wall almost unnecessarily. When all we need are the basics, and simplified decor. Sharing with you some of my favorites from here: