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Let’s Leave 2020 Behind

Normally I tell everyone who’s stuck in the past to let it go in order to move forward in the most positive way possible. I did believe that up until the middle of January, when all I aimed to do was look forward to 2020. A year of many positive changes was what the Chinese horoscope predicted, which often times do come with a price. In the year of the metal rat, I was destined to succeed in my career but was in line for a dozen failures – in relationship, health and my social life. I tucked these predictions in the back of my mind, and took a trip to England in January seeing nothing but good in 2020. Until one afternoon, someone dear to me called from the U.S. to warn me about a deadly virus making its way from the east and to be very careful when travelling back to the states at the end of January. I took note, bought a hospital grade mask, surgical gloves-when the items were hardly a …

Interesting Articles From Around The World

I woke up this morning feeling hopeful that I didn’t have to sit in darkness all day while I worked – along with many others around California and other parts of the world on fire currently.  Yet I stayed in bed for a while, thinking about how to proceed with my day.  Meaning, I have many projects to muddle through – work and my three novels currently in revision and edits –  and I am trying to figure out – in what order. Then I thumbed through Instagram, which I normally do and then did a bit of coloring on a paint by numbers app on my phone – all while thinking and pondering and contemplating about the future of social media, this platform and others having us tied to our cell phones as if our life depended on it – and well – it actually does. And this happened: Which then led to this interesting take:  But I couldn’t get enough – so I dove an article on what makes a good person:   And …

Through the Smoke Filled Air

I woke up this morning scratching my head, thinking while in deep sleep at some point overnight, I was shuttled up to another planet. The skies across the bay area are orange-gray dark and a bit scary. Never been in this situation before. I mean we’ve had fires across California but none this extreme. At least not in my lifetime. But then again it is 2020 and all is expected at this point so, with all lights on in the house, at now almost nine in the morning, I am staying connected in hopes to stay distracted.       featured image source and full credit

Start to A New Week

We are nearly two weeks away from Fall, which marks the beginning of San Francisco’s summer-ish, referred to as Indian Summer, season. Which I am excited about – I love fall and the idea of warmer temperatures ahead.  Although this past weekend soared well over 90’s at the coast and 100 plus inland.  Which I am sure some of you  experiencing hotter temperatures, are chuckling at my enthusiasm. But I am a San Franciscan, and we get very excited about seeing sun at the coast. Besides the weather, there was much smoke, new fires, harsher conditions, in terms of being able to breathe through the haze, and smoke with a mask on while outdoors. I am curious, how is it in your part of the world right now? Bearable, tolerable, laxed?  Are you looking forward to fall? With thoughts about the holidays – which definitely will be different this year. I wonder if anyone is still buying clothes for work? How about for the holidays, what will the retailers do about evening gowns, and party …

What Are Your Plans This Weekend

On Monday I knew exactly what I wanted to do on the weekend, but by Tuesday, the fires (some say due to the electrical storms we experienced in California) near Napa/Sonoma – across the Golden Gate, pretty much most of Marin county, quickly covered the skies, since then making it very difficult to breathe, let alone consider being outdoors. Sadness on all levels as this year continues to be the most challenging. But we must stay positive, focused, and aim to find some joy in our every day life to keep on going. I know most of you are busy these coming weeks prepping your kids for school – whether virtual or in an actual classroom, the concerns are the same for parents in striving to make the coming academic year a healthy and productive one for everyone. There are other concerns of course – political, economic, relationships and mental health – about those we can all discuss if you like or stay on a positive note here at Raw Silk and Saffron. Please drop …

Lifestyle: Work Life Balance

I feel these days I work more hours and do more chores than before COVID-19. Checking work emails the second I wake up, which is four in the morning and then again at night right before bed (mind you we are a global company) But that does not excuse the fact, I find it difficult to disconnect from work after an eight hour shift.   Are you finding yourself doing the same? The other craziness I’ve noticed is how high the chores have piled up, each day with hardly any downtime during the week (I force my long walks over the weekend to help recharge) but that’s not enough, because by the end of each day, I am drained. As always, the internet reads my mind and sends reminders like these (countries with the best work-life balance in Europe) to help me adhere to some sort of normalcy. For the rest of the surprising countries, go here   – How do you work-life balance? featured image source and full credit

A Pasta Recipe and Other Topics To Share

While serving my mother chicken Fajita last night for dinner, she asked if there were any surprises for her to look forward to – in terms of dinner. So I told her, I was considering making this pasta and she actually grimaced at the idea of lemon in pasta. Which happens to be my favorite – ingredient – Shrimp Scampi, which I often substitute with Salmon.  Artichoke steamed in olive oil and lemon – all recipes I learned from my Mediterranean family. Anyway, back to the pasta – check out the simple ingredients making up a very flavorful meal – and will pair nicely with a glass of my favorite cab and sure, salad too. Recipe: Spaghetti With Creamy Lemon Sauce Serves 4 2 lemons 4 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Scant 1 cup of half-and-half 1 egg yolk 3/4 pound (about 4 portions) spaghetti A small bunch of thyme Fine sea salt Freshly ground black pepper {more} I keep thinking I want to share my personal recipes with all of you – someday soon, …

Interesting Topics For The Week

I know we are all busy, too busy juggling life, family, back to school and other important milestones. But sometimes it is good to hit that pause button and just get lost in the otherwise… This article about a classic Hollywood star is endearing This one about a time-capuled town on the verge of revive after 50 years of desolation. And if you’ve ever wanted a home in the French countryside, you might want to read this article.

Travel: U.S. Lakes To Add To Your Bucket List

My bucket list is growing. It’s funny, all my adult life, I figured abroad was the only way to getaway and that I’ve done all the U.S. travel I needed to in between: New York, Pennsylvania, Montana, Colorado, Washington State, Washington D.C., Oregon, Chicago, naturally all of California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and even New Mexico and Alabama, I’ve seen them all, or so I think of course: So here’s to my list of five lakes in the U.S. I will be visiting 2021 and the rest spread out over time.  Looks like the RV concept is going to become a reality after all :). Featured image source and full credit