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Interesting Shares From Around the World

I have to tell you – it’s been a bit confusing for me living in San Francisco, and watching the news unfold around the world on how everyone is handling or defining the ‘going back to normal.’  While we remain in masks in California, other’s seem to be removing them, social distancing – based on photographs – is not standard either.  Among other differences, I don’t need to list here. So, where do we stand if parts of the world are abiding by the new lifestyle, and others aren’t? Who is handling anything the right way anymore?  That’s been on my mind recently.  How about you? How one scientist suggested a questionable cure for COVID-19 – read here The malaria drug that is being tested around the globe – read here  Why are more forests still being chopped down – read here Do you believe air pollution exacerbated COVID-19 – read here What’s on your list of interesting topics to read?

Lifestyle: Upscale Sports Bar and A Downton Abbey Movie Sequel

Surely you can see that I’ve got my priorities this morning, but only because I keep putting off all the crazy list of to-do’s and the worrying about this and that.  Sometimes we simply need to distract, and today’s distractions are… The French usually—in my generation, anyway—didn’t think it was a good idea to make your children the number one priority. That meant you have left behind your license as a wife, as a woman, as a professional and all this. It felt not fashionable. But now I think things have changed tremendously in France. In America I think there’s a lot of positive encouragement, even to the point of making the child believe that he’s a genius. (source) On another note, have you seen Kate and Leopold? I did when it first came out in 2001, and at the time, being so young, believed in fairy tales as if my life depended on it. Watching it years later, I think I have to say, oh my, how my thinking has changed…what’s your take on …

Five Interesting Articles From Around The Internet

We’ve had a couple of very hot days around San Francisco, to the point it was stifling. San Franciscans are never happy with our climate – too cold, too hot, too foggy, too windy. But it is what it is – global warming or not, we have seen the same pattern year in and year out. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in global warming or are not concerned with all the issues surfacing across the globe, I am simply stating around this part of the world, we have grown accustom to the seasons. Today, after finishing up a conference call, working from home, since my beautiful dog isn’t feeling his best. Hasn’t really for a while, I realize I needed a distraction or two and what better way then to focus on some not front-page topics. {featured image source and inspiration for this blog entry}

Easter Eggs Are Sometimes Luxurious

…According to this article I found yesterday, and although I haven’t really painted eggs for quite some time, I have the urge to embark on the project come the week before – you know adding my own take on the luxurious eggs below: On another note – have you ever watched a show that makes you laugh throughout? Well, this show has me in stitches with every scene. Would you ever consider taking an art class online? I am thinking about sketchbook Illustration…and I think it’s going to happen very soon.  What are you reading lately? If you’ve just finished a story or two, and are looking for a new read, consider this list of must-reads I recently took an online quiz to test my IQ or rather for the internet to guess my education level. I have to say I was dubbed as having PhD level knowledge but for the life of me, cannot seem to locate the quiz again.  So, here’s one similar that you might want to try – oh go on …

Lifestyle: Are You Curious about the future?

I came across this article the other day and immediately thought, where and what would I be doing in 2039? And although the article covers design in architecture, transportation, travel, media and entertainment, I feel as though I may hesitate to adapt. I am a fan of some good-old-fashion approach to some things and human contact.

Just an Observation…

The end to summer is only a week or so away and although most of us welcome the season change with open arms, with  ideas of putting on sweaters and boots, and ordering warmed hot chocolates or that seasonal pumpkin spiced latte are what we look forward to, I know soon enough we will be longing for a lot of this and that {photo source}

Lifestyle: Four Day Workweek to Gender-Neutral Parenting

Sunday morning, although time is flying by in a blink of an eye, is one of my favorite days of the week. Where I can simply stay in bed and read, with my favorite companion curled up next to me, or get up and have a cup of coffee, while pondering life in a good way and sharing topics of interest with all of you. That’s what Sundays are for – at least for me.   {featured image source}