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Interesting Topics For Those of Us Without Back To School Woes

August is a tricky month for most parents as they gear up their school aged children for returning their academic year. Whether returning to, or heading to a new establishment for higher learning, maneuvering the ritual can be pretty some form of memorable experience to say the least.

So I get it if you don’t stop and read the interesting topics I have added here.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Dijon, France, where I spent an entire day experimenting with the mustard produced in the region. So much so, I nearly brought a suitcase load of the product. So naturally the idea of ‘why there is no Dijon in Dijon Mustard‘ read, sparked my interest.

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The rebirth of an amazing destination made famous by writers and celebrity of all types – Cuba where now a portion of the small island in the Caribbean, Matanzas, is going through major renovation worth reading about. A destination surely on my bucket list

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How Rome’s monuments are still standing – do you ever wonder?

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Do you dabble in street food? I used to when I worked in an actual office in downtown San Francisco. Street vendors adorned the streets at the lunch hour, and I made my way through each and every cuisine available. Bangladesh street food in rice and spice.

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A handful of articles about heritage architecture is often a good read, to take your mind off the normal.

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