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Monday Morning Beautiful Things

It was very difficult for me this morning, to get up and get ready for work. Especially after having a week to simply explore my city – San Francisco, for those just joining in the fun here.  I realized while commuting in, that my mind is blank, even though I have a list of to-do’s a mile long, which I’ve written down, I feel completely numb this morning, and can only focus on beautiful things I found online: {source}

Wildlife Photography Admired

On the flight from London to San Francisco last May, I sat one seat away from a man who was editing photographs on his computer. Which I could have sworn were taken for National Geographic Magazine. I meant to ask him if he were a famous photographer or just an amateur like myself, always in search of the most colorful of things to photograph – which I do, every chance I get. But then I realized, as I side-eyed his meticulous editing techniques that he was no amateur and he had an eye to manipulate or enhance his photographs for a professional portfolio. I am sure of it. In honor of all photographers, amateur or professionals – wildlife, or still-life, color or not, I am sharing some of a list of NG wildlife photographer of the year. Other interesting articles: What would make us care enough to save endangered species? Striking Images from world best wildlife photographer my gallery – just in case you are curious.

Sunday Morning Reads

Seems the air quality in the Bay Area is slowly getting back to normal – and the sun is out – which has me wondering if I should step outdoors and do a bit of walking along the coast. Which is my normal routine on Sundays except the past three weeks or so – due to the poor air quality as a result of the Napa/Sonoma fires. But it is a slow start – meaning to say, I naturally got online with my cup of mint green tea and found these to share – with those intending to have a lazy Sunday:

Decor: Picking The Right Exterior Design For Your Home

We’ve been procrastinating on the idea of replacing our roof and with that of course refreshing the paint or the look of the exterior. Although the wait list for a roof replacement is a mile or two long and the cost – very out of to control in comparison to other places around the country, it needs to be done. We know we are getting ripped off, but what can you do. The price one has to pay for living in such an expensive city. Anyway, while we wait out our turn – it looks like early March or late March – who knows anymore, I am already doing research on the rest of the exterior decor with minor design updates. Here’s my favorites so far: And here’s the rest of my favorites from Home Designing 🙂 just because I love modern architecture and design: