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It’s Been A Long Time…

I usually catch up with a select few of my friends whom I’ve known forever, and family members, maybe a few times a year. However, I’ve felt a deeper connection here at RawSilkandSaffron, where I felt the need to stay in touch more often then the two or three times a year. But it seems, with every hectic day that passes, now the 17th of March already, the connection is too few and far between. No excuse. It is a reflection of what life has become since 2020. Anyway. Here I am taking a very small break, in between work madness, to stop here and share all the things that are going through my mind every single minute of the day, and in between all of the juggling and multi-tasking. Mad weather in California, leaky roofs and other damage, and cost of the impending repair. The idea of losing an aging parent is in the forefront of all my thoughts, contained only in the early morning hours, when all are still asleep. Where I plug …

springtime 2011 outfit picks from a woman over 40

As most  of us Americans are programmed to finish preparing our income taxes, to turn them in by midnight the 15th of April, every year, I bet most of us don’t realize that this year we have until the 18th of April to complete them due to some observed holiday technicalities in one of our states. Either way, the rest of the world could care less and lives their lives as if it was just another day. So for the folk outside of the states and my much appreciated readers, I have  put some outfits together which I, for some reason, have incorporated into my Spring to Summer 2011 wardrobe.  Hope you like. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!

trendy blazers or jackets for casual wear

I love casual days at work or the chance where I can actually go out on  a Friday night wearing a pair of jeans. However, finding the right jacket to wear with the jeans when opting for a more casual look is often times difficult for the woman over 40. The idea is not to wear something too dressy and yet not too casual or sporty. Also, often times the jackets suggested are too youthful as well and the best or only choices for the over 40 crowd are  waste length leather jackets. So for this particular struggle, I have searched high and low and have come up with a few affordable jackets to consider for pairing with a nice pair of jeans. Let me know what you think? The blazers or jackets below can be found here

oh la la – i want i want

Don’t you ever just walk down the street, especially in the business or financial sector of a metropolitan city or even the French Riviera and say to yourself, I want that, where did she get that?  If you aren’t one of those women, than just turn the page, otherwise take a look at my most recent wants. Oh how I wish money grew on trees 🙂 – but since it doesn’t I can only dream right?

healthy eating: protein shakes

I must admit I live by protein shakes, almost on a daily basis. But buying one made from Starbucks, Jamba Juice and other healthy drink bars can be expensive, even though they are delicious and hastle-free. Just recently I decided to purchase my very first industrial strength blender and some good old fashioned Whey protein powder from a health food store, as well as found some recipes here which I think are pretty easy to follow in order to make my very own shakes at home. The wonderful thing about making shakes at home is that, you can actually add fresh fruits rather than the frozen ones from the specialty stores. Not to mention the fact, Springtime  is also the best time of the year to mix and match different fruits as they are in season and more available in your local supermarket. Here are a few of my favorites: Wild Berry Boost Ingredients: 2 scoops Vanilla Whey Powder 8 raspberries 4 strawberries 15 blueberries 16 ounces nonfat milk 1/2 cup ice cubes Pineapple Power …

certified copy – a film for the woman over 40

One film, which has touched me in more ways than one this year, is the film Certified Copy. *Note: please stay on this page if you want to read the girly version and click here if you want to read my review about the filmmaking aspect of the movie. Also, this special piece I wrote on this site, on  a Sunday no less, is also a reference point  for my fans, from the other blog, to use if they don’t mind me giving away the plot.  So here I go: After seeing the film, Certified Copy, I walked out of the theatre feeling sad and depressed I just couldn’t believe the subject matter in the film and the impact it could have on most women across the globe, who want to see the film. The story is  about a 40 something year old woman named Elle (Juliette Binoche), who from the looks of things was a single parent living in a small village near Tuscany, Italy.  A British writer, named James Miller (William Shimell) makes …

inspirational outfits for spring 2011 – my picks

We all know most women flip through magazines and retail or designer websites in hopes of getting the insight on putting outfits together. While some, without a second guess, order the suggested ensemble pieced together  by the fashion industry, others, with a more creative flare,  find ways to duplicate the suggestion. I happen to do both. Anyway, In light of the subject, I  have decided to put together inspirational outfits which, I will either purchase “as is” or try to duplicate this coming Spring. Let me know what you think? Option 1  – click here for details Option 2 –  click here for details Option 3 – click here for details Option 4 – click here for details Option 5 – click here for details

my love affair with springtime

According to the calendar, March 20th marks the first day of Spring. Although this year, due to some bizarre weather patterns, it may not really feel as though Spring is actually here.  However, since Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year, the other one being  Summer, I can no longer wait to welcome it, even if we are due to experience some bad weather this week in Northern California Happy week everyone!