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It’s Been A Long Time…

I usually catch up with a select few of my friends whom I’ve known forever, and family members, maybe a few times a year. However, I’ve felt a deeper connection here at RawSilkandSaffron, where I felt the need to stay in touch more often then the two or three times a year.

But it seems, with every hectic day that passes, now the 17th of March already, the connection is too few and far between.

No excuse. It is a reflection of what life has become since 2020.

Anyway. Here I am taking a very small break, in between work madness, to stop here and share all the things that are going through my mind every single minute of the day, and in between all of the juggling and multi-tasking.

Mad weather in California, leaky roofs and other damage, and cost of the impending repair.

The idea of losing an aging parent is in the forefront of all my thoughts, contained only in the early morning hours, when all are still asleep. Where I plug in my headphones and listen to liturgical music which tugs at my heartstrings.

Work and no life balance for how much longer and the search for a job in this economy.

Relationships and crossroads. Financial insecurity, price of eggs, Missing travel, missing walking for miles on end. Missing my dog. What’s happened to the ingredients in today’s products. Missing writing, exercise, and a good laugh.

I no longer crave candy. Eating out is preferred over a homecooked meal these days and chores are stacked up. Instagram is my friend, and frivolous conversations are not something I have patience for.

Is it me?

Or is this how we have all become…since…well you know…that awful pandemic which has stripped mankind of something much bigger than we could have imagined.

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