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Travel Elegance

So much has happened in the past few weeks that has kept me away from the creativity aspect of my life… Today I just needed to breathe… {featured image full credit and source – used only for inspiration and wanderlust}

Travel: Ten Lakeside Destinations Worth Your While

Taking a short trip for a few days to attend a friend’s graduation somewhere deep in the south. I’ve never been to the south so I am a little excited to make some new discoveries. In the meantime enjoy these wonderful lakeside destinations according to Conde Nast- Traveller:  

Travel: Planning Stages Have Officially Begun

I can’t believe it’s already Spring break and thoughts of graduation, weddings, and family vacations are in full swing. Now, although I did all my traveling in the month of March this year, I still yearn for another trip late September or early October. One of the biggest concern when I was in England was the effects Britexit would have on travelers, even the issues in the US were a concern to those abroad considering coming to America for their holidays. Although I listened to the news, read reports and discussed such concerns over coffee and dinner with those I met up with in Europe, I decided not to allow of it to discourage me – about traveling anyway. But just in case you are having these sort of discussions in your households, and/or having trouble pinpointing where to go, then perhaps these articles I’ve found here and there could help. If not, then pass them on to someone who it can:

Boutique Hotel Pick – Gran Hotel A Villa Feltrinelli – Lake Garda, Italy

My head is always in the clouds, in a good way, when planning a trip to Europe.  And while I work on a draft of where I want to go this year, I stumbled upon this gem since I’ve always wanted to add Lake Garda to my trips to Italy but haven’t had the time. Since this year’s trip is more of a relaxation type rather than sight seeing, 2 nights, three days at the Gran Hotel A Villa Feltrinelli is going to be a must. I’ll let their beautiful online marketing do the talking:

Food: Caramelized Onion Focaccia Bread

The best Focaccia bread I’ve had, was in Portofino, Italy at any of the number of bakeries aligning the narrow pathways leading to the water’s edge. One in particular was Panificio Canale. I stuffed my face at one sitting or standing actually since there is no space to take a seat inside. And then brought some to go – which hardly lasted past the night. In San Francisco I often search for the best of   Focaccia in our Italian neighborhood, North Beach, and although I find them here and there worth a try, they are not the same as the ones in Portofino. For this holiday season I decided to contribute to the get-togethers with home-made Focaccia, hoping to capture a little bit of Italy here .

interesting finds online – volume 3

I read articles, hundreds of them always in search of that story, the one inspiring me or giving me ideas for my novels – plus I am curious, always wanting to learn more. Anyway, I decided to do a compilation of these finds on my blog a while back, hoping to share them with you. Here’s volume 3. Always remember to click on the photo to be redirected.  

boutique hotel pick – casadiva resort and spa – lake como, italy

A unique hotel is always fun in my opinion, with old world decor and charm, a wonderful escape from the modern amenities of today. Casadiva is a really amazing property – perched along the edge of lake Como, accessible by local bus, car and water taxi. A great location to escape to when looking for peace and quiet and amazing views of mountains and lake. Of course hoping to get a glimpse of George Clooney somehow somewhere is also a plus. The other bit of news about this property, it’s mentioned in my novel – Piazza Navona – a significant part of the story takes place there and one I have no doubt you would appreciate.

day 6 – a day in camogli, italy

Genoa is a good base if you want to explore the Italian Riviera. (In my opinion anyway). So, I included the destination on this year’s trip to Europe to do just that. After a stormy day in Lake Como, (a day trip from Genoa) we loaded up on esspresso and pastries and got on an intercity train for a half hour journey to Camogli from Genoa. A fishing village I haven’t been to for over 15 years. The easy going small town, adorned with charming pastel colored buildings, put me at ease right away and I had a difficult time leaving the place to catch the last train back to Genoa for the night. I can see myself spending at least a week, if not more there, simply existing, eating focaccia, plenty of fresh seafood and rum balls, in between napping and oh yeah simply existing. 🙂