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Food: Dinner Tonight – Craving BBQ Chicken added to a Salad of Choice

We’ve had more rain then I remember in a lifetime here in San Francisco, and I couldn’t be happier. We needed it, wish it would be the norm every year – but we know how it goes. Ten years of drought, one year of some rain. This year of course its an exception – or – wait I think we had this much rain back in 2009?  So, yup every ten years. 🙂 Anyway, with this much rain, we’ve had to postpone the idea of BBQ outdoors. But, since I am craving BBQ, and some sort of salad today, it is happening – either in a non-stick skillet, or my indoor grill – which is an older model and a pain to clean – I have a few more hours to decide which way to BBQ – either way, this is the salad I am aiming for tonight. And…I am not changing a thing in the recipe. INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 pounds boneless chicken breasts or tenders 1/3 cup barbecue sauce, store-bought or homemade 2 cups fresh grilled or frozen thawed corn …

a few updates for my other life

As you may or may not know,  I am a published author and have written two books so far, and one more due out February 2015. In light of that fact, I have a scheduled a fun happy hour in San Francisco to get a chance to meet anyone interested in discussing blogging and writing books. I have included the link here for you to RSVP should you be in my favorite city – San Francisco on October 22nd. {click on photo to be redirected to RSVP list}

where to buy novels written by m.l.kilian

I’ve been asked via email if the novels I’ve written are available in e-book, or paperback version and where they are sold. As you know brick and mortar bookstores are disappearing, and the ones remaining (at least in the states) are the indie bookstores – most too small to house all books in print. So, my novels – Piazza Navona and Nob Hill are both available to order online – in e-book format and paperback. However, if you love a good bookstore like I do, then by all means go in person, and order the books to pick up from the store or have it shipped to your home.  Either option you choose, you will love the story: In addition, you can also order the paperback version through my shop here at a deep discount. And, if you happen to have read one book and weren’t sure if there was a part I or part II (depending on which you chose to read first) – then consider following my blog (click banner) to always stay …

my vision of an office space

I write often, mostly in-between work and play, and every other second I get to myself. I put everything that goes through my head on paper/or in this case on iPad, laptop or even cellphone. So, in my line of work (wishful thinking) there is no traditional office space, only inspirational spaces to call my office, maybe for an hour, or a day or a week. That’s how the creative juices flow – if you will. What’s your favorite spot to write?

reading recommends – book, nook and kindle

I can’t believe this. I have stayed away from reading recommends because I was trying to delay the inevitable. But more and more, people are switching over to the nook, kindle and every other gadget out there as their choice for reading  materials. I get the craze, but I am sad to see the paperbacks and hardbacks slowly disappear along with mom and pop bookstores.  It was nice to stop staring at a computer screen for a few hours and be able to curl up on a bed or a couch and read an actual “book” but these are the times and those are our choices and although I am having a difficult time accepting it, I know eventually I will become a minority with the way I feel about it. Anyway, here are some interesting books I discovered while shuffling through the gadget category. Let me know if you have read any of them and what you think or if you would consider reading any of them sometime in the near future.

best books written about paris or are they?

In reviewing the Guardian UK the other day, I came across an article with their list of top 10 books written about Paris. Of course, you know that immediately grabbed my interest, so I decided to share their suggestions in my blog and ask my readers for their opinion. Are the suggested books the best books written about Paris? Has anyone read any of the books and what you thought about it? if the listed books are truly not the best, please feel free to make a recommendation.

fall 2010 suggested books to read

    I love books and so I practically buy one a month to read.  I am always searching for new publications when I walk through bookstores and enjoy picking, in my opinion, what I think is a good read. Don’t get me wrong, I love all books except  suspense/mystery,  but since I tend to hon in on my creative side more so than the other sides, I choose books which will help me escape  the realities of life, even if for a few hours a day. I have, for that reason, included a list of new publications popping up at bookstores which I think may be fun to read this winter. Let me know what you think and/or if you have other suggestions, please feel free to drop me a line.

photography inspired must have books

Coffee table books and one’s used throughout the home as inspiration for cooking, daydreaming and falling asleep to is a must in any home. Collecting the right one’s sometimes may be difficult for some and finding the best one’s is most rewarding for the addicts. I happen to be the addict and love to have stacks of  oversized hardcover books all throughout my home.  I normally settle for museum themed ones, or black and  white photography of mostly European cities and some vintage items as well.  So, I was happy to have come across PARIS TANGO by photographer Carla Coulson and wanted to share it with my readers just incase they are in the market for collectible coffee table books or just a gift idea for Christmas. The theme of PARIS TANGO is described as follows: Published by Penguin, “Paris Tango” is a portrait of the City of Lights as you have never seen it before. From the African street markets of Chateau Rouge to the penthouse suite of the Paris Ritz, Coulson and her camera …

photo shoot – what if?

Although I understand the reason behind picking certain celebrity to generate interest and sales for magazine covers, I recently had trouble with the current faces on four particular magazine covers on display at your local newsstand and book stores. So I played around with photoshop and quickly came up with who I would have put on the cover of the magazine based on the particular photos chosen for the cover. No insult to the magazines or the photographers but I think the photo (no matter who the actor is) should be a representation of the magazine title. Let me know what you think of my picks for the magazine covers.

macbook pro and the possibilities

I have always been a fan of Apple. It mostly started with the design of their products (I am a sucker for quality design), then their advertising and marketing strategies swept me off my feet and of course I appreciated the streamlined retail outlets. So slowly but surely I just couldn’t resist anymore and I gave into the Macbook pro. It was a struggle convincing my family and friends about my choice of a new laptop, but I knew what I wanted and for my new career endeavor, it had to be the mac. My wonderful family chipped in and bought it for me as a birthday present and I almost fell off my chair when I opened the box and took out the MacBook. There was that sexy designed laptop in my hands and I just couldn’t believe it was all mine.  The only decision I need to make is whether to purchase Apple’s version of word or Microsoft word for Apple? Since it hasn’t been installed, I have a few days to decide …