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macbook pro and the possibilities

I have always been a fan of Apple. It mostly started with the design of their products (I am a sucker for quality design), then their advertising and marketing strategies swept me off my feet and of course I appreciated the streamlined retail outlets. So slowly but surely I just couldn’t resist anymore and I gave into the Macbook pro.

It was a struggle convincing my family and friends about my choice of a new laptop, but I knew what I wanted and for my new career endeavor, it had to be the mac.

My wonderful family chipped in and bought it for me as a birthday present and I almost fell off my chair when I opened the box and took out the MacBook. There was that sexy designed laptop in my hands and I just couldn’t believe it was all mine. 

The only decision I need to make is whether to purchase Apple’s version of word or Microsoft word for Apple? Since it hasn’t been installed, I have a few days to decide between the two. I am a firm believer of exploring and trying new things so I am leaning toward the Apple version but would love to hear from anyone who can give me their opinion on which is best?

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