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birthday celebration in Napa

I love going to Napa and will find any reason to take a trip up North for the day. When asked what my plans were for my birthday this year since I wasn’t able to go to Paris, I immediately knew it had to be a day in Napa.

Anyway, I spend the entire day Saturday visiting my usual wineries and having a picnic at V.Satui, followed by gelato at Dean and DeLuca marketplace, then a stroll through the quant town of  Yountville. But then although my heart was set on having dinner at Napa Styles Bottega restaurant  in Yountville,  we ended up at Il Fernaio in Burlingame instead. The evening was most  enjoyable for me thanks to my  family and lots of  amazing champagne. 

My special birthday was celebrated in the most memorable way with the most important people in my life. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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