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In The Garden

Although I am one who manages stress pretty well, I might say, there are moments where I need to stop all things and simply sit in my garden and reflect. That’s what I did last night, while experiencing an unusual heatwave for June in San Francisco. At seven-thirty in the evening I pulled a recline from the garage and went down to my garden and sat among the colorful plants and I watched the birds, the bees and the butterflies feast among the lavender for hours. And then I heard a fluttering near my ear, and I turned my head slowly and shifted my eyes to see the most beautiful of hummingbird simply inches away from me, and I said hello… For my life, if only for a few hours, felt peaceful and complete.

So Here We Go

I love the optimism at the start of a new year. The smiles, the laughter while family and friends are gathered in restaurants for a celebratory New Year’s dinner. And so we shall do our best to maintain the feeling by controlling only what we can, and not dwell on things we cannot for 2022. We shall make our mental health top priority, and avoid being consumed by all things negative. We shall find happiness by focusing on the smallest of wonders, and when in doubt, seek spiritual guidance in seeing those miracles. That’s how I see 2022

Thanksgiving 2021

Considering where we were last year around this time, in terms of gatherings and celebrations, I think this year, we truly need to redefine the meaning of Thanksgiving. This was the thought going through my head while grocery shopping yesterday for the very holiday. I found myself, sort of in a transient vibe, while searching for and gathering the ingredients for the trimmings. As you know from years before, we do not eat Turkey in our household. I decided to stuff acorns this year, and bypass the sweet potatoes for some colorful carrots roasted in the oven. Corn is a must for the fam, mashed potatoes, I am on the fence about. And the bird-rotisserie chicken, a small side dish of sliced ham garnished with pineapple and cloves, Brussel sprouts, and homemade cranberry sauce. Simple and very traditional. But right before we dive in, I want everyone to stop all things electronic, and simply express the most heartfelt appreciation for what we have all gone through, together and yet worlds apart. That’s how I see …

Recap and A Few Thoughts

Travel is always on my mind, more so during the cold and dreary summer months we experience here in San Francisco. It fuels my need to get away, to somewhere sunny and warm. Funny how the UK is experiencing scorching temperatures right now, while in San Francisco, we are bundled up in winter sweaters, and heavy blankets. Here’s what’s happened in my world. Since March of 2020, I’ve sort of been at a loss. Not sure what topics to write about or thoughts to share past the doom and gloom we’ve all been feeling since the pandemic. I didn’t want to add to all the news, nor come across insensitive in any way by avoiding controversial topic throughout the year+. So, I’ve stayed quiet for the most part. Remained focused more on the challenges my family has faced throughout the year. The biggest loss for me this year, was putting my dog down in February. After 16 wonderful years of countless memories, silliness, and naps curled up on the bed next to me while I …

What Are Your Plans This Weekend

I’ve been dreaming of cabin living, somewhere out in the woods  – perhaps near Tahoe. Funny thing is, if I was posed with the same question a decade ago, I’d say for sure the city, in a high rise condo overlooking the bay. But lately or even before COVID, I’ve been thinking of finding my way back to nature.  Kind of like a lifestyle  in this beautiful place blended so perfectly into its environment. Because of this need to bond with nature, I’ve been aiming to find walking trails or suburbian parks where I can simply soak up all the beautiful wonders in my neck of the woods, and even the man engineered ones. So this weekend, we are once again venturing across the Golden Gate, and allowing the road to take us to places we’ve never been.  Stay tuned for a recap. Until then, here’s what I’m thinking or wondering about, after reading this article and also before. Have you become a better or worse version of yourself since the lockdown?   If you had …

Weekend Recap and A Few Thoughts

The topic of conversation during one of the most beautiful weekends in San Francisco – meaning lots of sun and warm weather – which is highly unlikely during the summer months. Anyway, the topic was – would you buy a mask in all sorts of color and my partner in crime instantly shook his head to imply not a chance, he would stick to only black. Which was the original mask I ordered online at the start of the COVID wear a mask don’t wear a mask debate. I do wonder though, if perhaps buying a mask that best expresses a person would actually force them to wear the mask? Anyway, past the mask the weirdest attention we received during our walk about the park was – us carrying a pizza box from the corner pizzeria to the park for lunch and having families point it out to their kids. 🙂 Besides the walks and FaceTime talks with family and friends, I watched movies of course – like most of us and did a few …

Thoughts for Today

As the world moves forward and we stagnate or worse in the U.S. in terms of COVID-19, I cannot help but wonder what topics are on everyone’s mind from across the world these days? Are Europeans thinking about travel? Is the continent of Asia in mixed state, some exploring Disneyland in their own ways while others are being arrested for protesting? Why isn’t anyone talking about Africa? Is the pandemic worse or stabilized in those nations? I feel the news is often contradicting and my stress level elevating and my hopelessness growing. Is anyone else feeling this way on this first day of July? Or your thoughts are shifting based on this thought process? And then there is this weirdly happy/scary scene… Have we stopped caring? Or is this our way of coping and warding off the stress and anxiety about what the future holds? These are the thoughts going through my mind today. I apologize if this is not in line with what you have hoped to see on RS&S today.