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Thoughts for Today

As the world moves forward and we stagnate or worse in the U.S. in terms of COVID-19, I cannot help but wonder what topics are on everyone’s mind from across the world these days?

Are Europeans thinking about travel? Is the continent of Asia in mixed state, some exploring Disneyland in their own ways while others are being arrested for protesting? Why isn’t anyone talking about Africa? Is the pandemic worse or stabilized in those nations? I feel the news is often contradicting and my stress level elevating and my hopelessness growing.

Is anyone else feeling this way on this first day of July? Or your thoughts are shifting based on this thought process?

And then there is this weirdly happy/scary scene…

Prague celebrating end to COVID-19 lockdown in their country

Have we stopped caring? Or is this our way of coping and warding off the stress and anxiety about what the future holds?

These are the thoughts going through my mind today. I apologize if this is not in line with what you have hoped to see on RS&S today.

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