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movie night for valentine’s day

Just like most women, I love getting dressed up and going out for dinner, but not really on Valentine’s Day. My favorite way to celebrate the occasion is to stay home  and cook, believe it or not and rent a  few mushy films  and watch them while munching on popcorn and drinking champagne. Here are some of my favorite films for this year. They are mostly available through online rental or for a few bucks at a local megastore (i.e. Target)

i don’t know how she does it – with sarah jessica parker

Well I couldn’t pass up writing about the film I Don’t Know How She Does it, because being a multi-tasking woman myself, I sometimes ask myself “I Don’t Know How I Do It” and I am sure many of you do as well. Finally, and I repeat, finally a film about the realities of a working woman’s life in America and most any where else in the world embracing the same lifestyle as we do here. Anyway, without saying much, watch the trailer so you can see where I am coming from and considering it is Sarah Jessica Parker in the starring role, I am certain the film will put a dent at  the box office. What do you think, will you see the film?

certified copy – a film for the woman over 40

One film, which has touched me in more ways than one this year, is the film Certified Copy. *Note: please stay on this page if you want to read the girly version and click here if you want to read my review about the filmmaking aspect of the movie. Also, this special piece I wrote on this site, on  a Sunday no less, is also a reference point  for my fans, from the other blog, to use if they don’t mind me giving away the plot.  So here I go: After seeing the film, Certified Copy, I walked out of the theatre feeling sad and depressed I just couldn’t believe the subject matter in the film and the impact it could have on most women across the globe, who want to see the film. The story is  about a 40 something year old woman named Elle (Juliette Binoche), who from the looks of things was a single parent living in a small village near Tuscany, Italy.  A British writer, named James Miller (William Shimell) makes …