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Travel: Travel Abroad On Your Staycation

I’ve been a bit grumpy lately over the fact, the U.S. has relapsed, causing all states to retract parts of their post-lockdown phased openings. Not to mention the fact, we’ve been banned from travel to Europe. This too has caused my mind to hurt. Last week, I did a bit of staycation, where I ventured 20-60 miles out of San Francisco to explore parks and small towns mostly by driving through, hoping to find similarities in places in Europe I so miss. This list naturally caught my attention, about places in America’s western region where one can experience a bit of Europe. This also works well for all those stuck in the U.S. since the lockdown. Just remember to wear a mask, if you plan to drive through these towns for the fourth of July weekend holiday. Where in your neck of the woods can be compared to a European destination? {featured image full credit and source}

Back From Staycation

Last week I had no intention of being online for work or play while I took a few days off to come to terms with a milestone birthday 2020 style. I did my best, drove out of town, day trips mind you, to places I haven’t been and some places I have and got a glimpse of how much different things are since the lock down. I was disappointed in some places, where folks did not wear their masks, and other places where too many people were grouped together for dinner or lunch. I felt very nervous, especially since the U.S. is not on track with recovery or making conscious efforts to adhere to the rules to help slow down the virus. As a result I am afraid that we may be headed for another lock down if we continue to play as entitled as we are bred in this country. As it stands EU has rightfully banned American travelers from going abroad and who knows which other nations will follow suit? But I am …

Travel: Knowledge Is Key

Before I travel to any destination, or discussed it while I was a travel agent, I always did my part and continue to do my part in learning and understanding about even the most simplest of details about the country I was visiting. So, there is no better time than the present to with virtual travel or wanderlusting, to simple soak in all the information available to keep us yearning for when we could actually travel.

Travel: Italian Beaches

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend was as good as it can be under the circumstances. I know I tried my best to stay on the upside, even while the downside was eating away at me. I walked across town on Saturday, and did much pondering and decision making over the current events shaping up or dismantling all that we have known and many things we never knew about but should. Sunday, I spent the day writing, and editing and figuring out all the wonderful topics and things I want to share this week with you all right here. Starting with this list of Italian beaches I want to experience, when travelling is safely altered to align with today’s environment. Until then, I’ll just be dreaming and adding to my travel bucket list. {featured images and source full credit}

Travel: European Beautiful Villages To Plan To See

Last night I had trouble sleeping, especially when my mind was racing over a health related conversations I had with my mother, among the many other day-to-day. So I tried to take off the edge by focusing on some of my travels through Europe and eventually fell asleep with thoughts of Salzburg, and the Sound of Music tour I took in early 90’s. A friend asked if we are allowed to travel later this year, would I consider it. And my answer was yes and this is  the first trip I’d put together – a glimpse of five small European villages.   Where would you go from this list of European Villages {featured images full credit and source}

Travel: Today’s Topics of Interest

The world is changing faster than we are able to cope with it, or know how best to adapt or even get involved to make differences that are mindful of everyone around. So we struggle and ponder and take time so that we may find a solid way to become the better version of ourselves and do our part in making this world a safe, and sound place for every single human being, particularly our children. Featured image source and full credit. Article contest full credit by clicking on photos

Travel: Some Facts Worth Learning About

Hello again!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend with family or friends. But took time to honor those in the military/veterans as we do in the U.S. over Memorial weekend. While we  wait for news about how and when we can travel, I figured I’d share with you something we did when I worked in a travel agency: Learn about interesting facts from around the world to share with our clients. Although, my days at a brick-and-mortar travel service is long gone; my desire to keep on learning has stayed on. Featured image and article full credit here

Travel: Virtual Tours of National Parks

I’ve not written much about travel – although aching to. But, I wanted to be mindful of the struggles some of us have wanderlusting. But these virtual tours are the best the industry has come up with to keep us going and so I decided to share – for those who happen to be missing a visit to your favorite national park. Happy Friday! If not – make it happy {featured image source and full credit}

Weekend Updates and Monday Happy Finds

I hate the fact I didn’t realize it was Palm Sunday yesterday – a celebration I take very seriously. The only way I discovered that it was, was when I went upstairs to visit with my mother – who was seated on her favorite armchair, hands pressed together, praying while mass was streaming on the television screen. I actually wanted to cry seeing her, with eyes closed, praying the way she does and especially now even more. Have I told you all recently just how much I respect the elderly and their traditions and values and approach to all things life is throwing their/our way? Anyway, after the crying, I came back to my studio downstairs and watched the heavy downpour from my window for about an hour and it was probably the most soothing thing I’ve done from the indoors. Normally I find my comfort with all the walks I embark on throughout the city. Staring out of the window, I realized how beautiful human beings are…really…truly. Something that’s gone unnoticed forever it seems …

A Burst Of Hope and Our Collective Love For Italy

I felt a burst of hope yesterday when, after standing in line for 40 minutes to enter the grocery store, I saw stacked cases of my favorite water. I thought it was a mirage, but I walked up and managed to secure  my two-per-cart cases of water feeling as if I were on top of the world. Baby steps. Don’t give up hope, we are going to get through this. Lately, or let’s just say, every year around this time, I experience much wanderlust-particularly anywhere in Italy. Funny thing is, I keep sharing photos of Italy with my loved ones courtesy of Instagram to up their moods, or maybe mine – with a note saying remember this? or can’t wait to travel with you here or  how about that restaurant in Venice?  What is it about Italy-time and time again, that I feel the need to include this fascinating destination to my annual travel plans. Except this year, it will just have to be an imaginary tour of what these editors have detailed here. Here’s …