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Dessert, Champagne and Classic Films

I am all for throwing a party for singles on V(G)alentine’s Day. I mean who says February 14 is only for those in love, or otherwise in a relationship, to plan a special date night? I say, text or call, or text (who makes phone calls anymore) and invite a few friends over for B.Y.O.Aappetizers, putting much emphasis on the importance of desserts and champagne while watching a few classic films from this list – and in case you don’t know where to start… {source here, and here}

Here’s What I am Thinking About Today

Last night, my mother informed me that a family member had passed away six months ago, and she was sad, that we just found out about it.  As I listened to her speak about the man who passed away, I couldn’t help but allow my mind to drift to a time in my childhood, when I first met this very man, who married a second cousin of ours decades ago, in a continent  far away from the one we currently call home. And then I got to thinking about first crushes. You know the one that stays with you for a lifetime, and occasionally crosses your mind, and you begin to wonder about the person? That’s my story with the man who swept my second cousin off her feet.  I was 9 or 10 at the time and he was 25. Go figure. I kept my feelings  to myself for years, mostly because I felt embarrassed about crushing on an older man. I mean, that’s not normal right? Or is it – according to this,  this,  this …

Sunday Fun Topics to Ponder Over

We were supposed to have a storm coming through San Francisco this morning, but I suppose even the storm felt a little lazy and instead decided to stay at bay for another 24 hours. Maybe the storm is taking the day off as well, from all things havoc 🙂  I understand – everyone and everything needs a break. This past week I’ve been at war with some wild creatures tearing up my front garden – which has never happened before. But down a few blocks from where I live, a boulevard a mile or so long, with the landscape being uprooted and tossed around to re-plant, I can’t even figure out what – since it really doesn’t look that great. So the poor animals who normally feed off of the plants and trees there, are scurrying through the neighborhoods to find food. I feel bad for them – but destroying my beautiful garden is NOT  cool. Don’t hate, because I do feel for the animals, but my plants are part of my family and I …

In Need of Motivation

I don’t think it is realized just how important a little sunshine every day is until summer in San Francisco, waking up every morning to a dense fog and temperatures in the mid to high 50’s at most. I know to some folks that’s not cold, but it is in the bay area standards. So, this Monday morning I need some motivation to…

Boutique Hotel Pick – L’Albergo della Regina Isabella – Ischia, Italy

This hotel I found, when I did my daily ritual of reading about my celebrity crush – Gerard Butler. Who is currently in Italy attending a festival of sorts and then some. I’ve been to Italy a million times, but have never ventured to Ischia. The most has been Capri.  So, it’s wonderful to discover and based on all that I have read about this wonderful destination – I am definitely in!

Travel: The Best Eats In Paris

Best is an opinion, because some of the best of foods I’ve had in Paris are not even on these lists. But then again, you may disagree or agree. Either way check these out, and then email me so we can plan a trip to Paris 1. Best Creperies in Paris 2. Absolute best burgers in Paris – although not sure why I’d aim to eat burgers in Paris – but you know, every single time I am there, I actually do eat a burger or two – counts for two meals in my opinion and helps me walk for miles and miles 🙂 3. Then there is a list of top 10 must eats in Paris – and I have to wholeheartedly agree – on everything on this list. 4. 12 Most beautiful bars in Paris – I can envision wonderful rondevous there in the near future – for me

recipe: fried apples and toast

This is part of my romantic morning after breakfast series. I hardly order dessert in restaurants and seldom even make them at home. As you see desserts are my weakness. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m in Paris, I do indulge, mostly puff pasty desserts with apples, or chocolate. Minus of course a daily intake of crepe here and there. This recipe stood out for me, not so much because it is a dessert(although it can be used as such), but the fact, its made with apples, cinnamon, raisin and almonds some of my favorites. Anyway, blogger’s rule, I cannot post the entire recipe here so click here to get there:

travel: it’s all about italy

What is it about this wonderful country most of us Americans can’t get enough? I can only speak for myself of course when I say I am madly in love with Italy – Rome, Florence, Venice, Genoa, and every other corner in between  from the hillside small villages of Cinque Terre, to the wonderful Como district, the country the most romantic in my opinion –  and very different  from the well known city of love – Paris. That is where I chose to base  my first novel Piazza Navona, the story unfolding in my imagination and mind, over a cup of espresso sitting in a cafe on the historic Piazza Navona. One day, while I sat in a cafe in Rome-in Piazza Navona, staring at a small stationery store, I realized I wanted to write a novel, about a woman who falls in love in Rome. But I knew I needed a twist on a story that has been told a thousand times. So in 2011, after my return to San Francisco, I began working on my first …

what happens after dark?

I have often wondered what happens in a store after dark? I mean this question could be for anything: churches, bars, museums, and much more, but for me it’s always been about the stores. Retails, boutiques, so forth. So, when I came across this article my eyes lit up at the opportunity of spending just an evening in a shop, a small shop full of intrigue and fascinating things.  Click on the photo to get there: