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When You Can’t Get Away On A Long Weekend

This weekend is President’s Day in the U.S. – honoring all the men who have led this country in one direction or another. The interesting thing for this year, was that Valentine’s Day coincided with President’s Holiday – which means one can opt for a long weekend, if planned right.

But how about some of us who, due to some serious obligations, did not leave us much room to plan – to escape for a four day weekend. So we improvised – hubs and I, dressed in comfy clothes, with backpack in tow, and we walked across the city, each day in a different direction, exploring new neighborhoods, or ones we haven’t been to for years, and experienced new eateries – some good, some I rather not talk about (I swear 4.5 star ratings are sometimes fabricated). We took photographs, stopped to enjoy the views, and even were thought of as tourists, in our own town. Which felt great and for the three days – being Fri-Sun, we escaped from all of our troubles and that in itself was priceless.

Day 1 – Walked from ocean beach through Golden Gate park – to the Conservatory of flowers 3.5 miles, stopped for lunch here, and headed back home through the Avenues – Sunset, while admiring renovations gone right. Dinner was at home – considering how crazy restaurants get on Valentine’s Day/eve, we opted to eat in, tacos of course with ocean facing window seat, we watched the sun set before settling in to watch a film and two, and dessert of course.

Sighting of pink Magnolia in Golden Gate Park

Day 2 – Walked along  the edge of Sea Cliff and through the Richmond District, to the Presidio 5 miles, lunch here, desserts here, and back through the Richmond district to our car, napped under the tree, close to the Legion of Honor, and then home.

Day 3 – Across the Golden Gate to explore Sausalito, and Tiburon, and lunch here, followed by some fun shopping in Corte Madera Town Center where I had my eye on this, this and anything this, coffee in one of the few Barnes and Nobles remaining, while we thumbed through magazines, and then home to watch the sunset before winding down with dinner and a movie.

Native Burger in San Francisco

I have to say this was one of the best stay-home weekend escape.  Have you ever done something like this? And if so where, might I ask?

Films we watched and recommend

Cut Bank-Thriller

Avanti- Comedy

Danny Collins-comedy/drama

Arthur Newman – dark/drama

{featured image full credit}

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