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Boutique Hotel Pick – Le Mas Des Poiriers – Avignon, France

Even at this point in life, I dream of fairy tales, not so much about a prince sweeping my off my feet and ending up living a life of a princess, but more like, a place an adult woman could escape to, and be pampered for a week or more, with pool side refills on the finest of champagne and naps  on a plush wicker chaise longue in the gardens – that to me is the ideal of a fairy tale – 🙂

Lifestyle: Wedding Or A Great Milestone Venue

I went all out for the party on Saturday – with the most and the best of decor. Not bragging, just stating how much I enjoyed planning and executing the event. Since then, I’ve been fixed on more party planning,  and have already received a few phone calls to help organize a small wedding venue from the caterer, who I thought was kidding when she said she knew how to get a hold of me if need be. And naturally, the internet reads my mind and sends my way, topics geared towards whatever it is I am obsessing about – like this gorgeous wedding venue.   Also, would you consider wearing a colorful gown for your wedding?

Fashion: Sexy and Bold Wedding Gowns

I think, if personalized, these gowns would best fit for the stars walking down some red carpet. A gala perhaps, the styles in soft blues, and lavender, white and even black. And if a bride chooses the fashion for her special day, then I give her . Either way, can you guess which is my absolute favorite?

Weddings: Fall Cake Ideas

I love cake. Not necessarily to eat, but rather to simply admire the decor. 🙂 Weird? Maybe. But since five I’ve always stopped and stared through the window of a bakery at the cakes on display – admiring the creative artist behind them all. I even walked a television series about cakes. So…this site has 16 beautifully Fall cake decorating ideas to consider – should you be tying the knot. Check out some of my favorites:  

wedding season is upon us and i’m involved this year

Yes, I was asked a few weeks ago to help plan a wedding. This is my fourth in 2 years. I used to average about 10 a year. I’ve scaled back since. But there are those few special people in my life, I cannot say no to, and so the planning has begun once more. Over the weekend, we spend, dress/gown shopping, and checking out the venue for what appears to be a destination wedding. I figured anytime you travel two hours away from where you live, it’s a destination wedding.  In this case, it’s hoped to be in Monterey, California. I say hoped, because until you lock in a date, and make the deposit, it’s hoped. So, stay tuned for those of you interested in wedding planning, or weddings in general, as I fill you in on the details here and there. {photo source click here – Valentino Haute Couture white collection}