Month: June 2022

Today’s Focal Point

I’ve turned to quotes most of my life to get me through some things…and I think out of the dozen or so, this is the most fitting for today… quote source

Film Location in Travel – France

The tricks and traits of filmmaking – is when a town location on camera is really more of multiple sites. Example: Hallmark’s Moriah’s Lighthouse – which caught my attention last night, while aiming to find a film I could actually escape from all things too real. Filming Locations (3). Ploumanac’h Lighthouse, Perros-Guirec, France (location). Hotel Castel Beau Site, Brittany, France (location). This is how I normally add destinations in my travel journal of places I need to see: First stop: the Lighthouse in Perros-Guirec, France The Boutique hotel: Castel Beau Site And finally a list of Beautiful Villages of France …where I plan to be immersed for a few months.

In The Garden

Although I am one who manages stress pretty well, I might say, there are moments where I need to stop all things and simply sit in my garden and reflect. That’s what I did last night, while experiencing an unusual heatwave for June in San Francisco. At seven-thirty in the evening I pulled a recline from the garage and went down to my garden and sat among the colorful plants and I watched the birds, the bees and the butterflies feast among the lavender for hours. And then I heard a fluttering near my ear, and I turned my head slowly and shifted my eyes to see the most beautiful of hummingbird simply inches away from me, and I said hello… For my life, if only for a few hours, felt peaceful and complete.

Trooping The Colour Special Celebration – 2022

Three years ago, I had the most amazing opportunity to be present in London for the Trooping of the Colour Parade – which normally is in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. I was happy to see the Queen as well as Prince Philip among all the royals imaginable. It was a good day to see such a historical figure. It was as if she was a time capsule or an encyclopedia of sorts. All I could think about while seeing her smile and wave from her carriage to the crowd was-I wish I could have an hour or two with her. Just to hear first hand about her conversations with world leaders through the decades, and her truest feelings about how our world has evolved. This year, as we know, Trooping The Colour celebration will have a different meaning. It will be the platinum jubilee – dedicated to The Reigning Queen’s seventy years on the throne. Wish I was there…for this historic moment in her majesty’s and my lifetime. Decades of the only …