Month: August 2012

travel journal: chronicling 17 days abroad

For the next 17 days, I will chronicle my travels abroad to share with all those interested, how I travelled on this particular holiday/vacation. See you across the pond on Monday morning 🙂 First stop Italy

finding inspiration in all the strange places

One of the most difficult tasks in our lifetime is finding inspiration to do the things we are destined to do. Sure, it’s easier to settle for the norm and go along each day doing what is expected of us, but to actually step away and drive ourselves  to do what we are destined to do, takes alot of courage and inspiration. I’ve known for years that I should have been a writer, but never paid much attention to the signs, instead I routinely did what I was supposed to do, never once feeling fulfilled with my calculated accomplishments. What I did discover in the last couple of years or so, is that, I needed to start paying attention to the signs and accept every thing that happens in my life as a form of inspiration to drive me closer to where I am destined to be.  All I needed was to  pay attention.

the photo shoot in me

These days when I look at myself in photos, I nearly cringe  at the fact, I am no longer photogenic.  Call it age, or call it wearing my heart out on my sleeve. Photos don’t lie no matter how hard we try. So, while interviewing photographers a couple of months ago for a wedding shoot, I contemplated the idea of having a fantasy photo shoot scheduled for myself, where I could pose as such:  (I have put it on my bucket list. :))

blog under construction – saga 2

Normally, when I am not inspired by whatever I am doing,  I consider making a change to spark up enough interest to keep me going. Just last night I had one of those moments. Actually truth be told, this has been the case for quite  a while now about blogging.  So, I am setting some time this weekend to revamp, recreate, reconstruct, rebuild, revive my blog of 2years. Stay tuned while I wean myself off the charcoal gray background and move unto something new. Not an easy task I can assure you :(.

fall 2012 fashion loves from banana republic

Fall, definitely, is my favorite time of the year in fashion and there is no better place to shop for my fall ensemble then Banana Republic. I love the fact, BR (which is how the company is known in San Francisco) has maintained a high standard in manufacturing their clothing line,  while staying tastefully fashionable.  I have shopped with them for several decades and hope to remain a loyal client for decades to come. Check out some of my favorites which are versatile enough for the woman over 40 to consider.

defining your look: for the woman over forty

Since I am one who commutes to work every day on the San Francisco Muni, I often look around the train to get a feel for how women dress while going to work. Although, in this part of the continent, we have traded in the suits for a “tasteful” semi-casual look, often times women over 40 tend to dress inappropriately even from the fashion point of view. What would you consider your look and tell me why?