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defining your look: for the woman over forty

Since I am one who commutes to work every day on the San Francisco Muni, I often look around the train to get a feel for how women dress while going to work. Although, in this part of the continent, we have traded in the suits for a “tasteful” semi-casual look, often times women over 40 tend to dress inappropriately even from the fashion point of view.

What would you consider your look and tell me why?

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  1. I recently turned 50. My look is sophisticated and polished but not prim or conservative. I focus on very high quality fabrics and well-cut designs. I am adamant about wearing expensive shoes–Prada or Jimmy Choo–and have real jewelry. I blend in less expensive basics but do not skimp on beautiful fashion forward colorful blouses. I have moved away from short skirts but still wear clothes that show off my figure. I exercise a lot and am determined not to go for any cosmetic alterations. I am happy with being 50 and feel that I can hold my own with women who are 10 – 15 years younger. It’s all about what you do with what you have. I tend to keep things clean and focused. Getting dressed each day is fun for me.

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