Month: January 2022

Food: Potato Leek Soup

I had the best soup on Sunday. Ordered to-go from a restaurant that specializes in steak and seafood, which I wasn’t craving. So I ordered soup. It wasn’t potato leek as the title suggests. But more potato and cheese, topped with scallion shavings. I savored every spoonful and actually kicked myself for not ordering a second to-go serving. Anyway, in my household, homemade soup has been a hit or a miss. Because I have the worst food critic – my mother – to please while experimenting with a variety of ingredients. 🙂 She cracks me up, because when I serve her dinner at the kitchen table, she takes a minute to prepare her taste buds for what she is about to eat. Then she takes a bite, and from the expression spreading across her face, I can tell if the dish is a success or a complete flop. Long story, short. I have been craving Potato Leek Soup ever since Sunday. So I went out and bought fresh baked artisan bread and ingredients from the …

New Year, New Plans

Normally, the first order of business for a new year, is plotting the travel I intend to do over the year and the projects around the house I want to complete in between. But this year, I have decided not to make plans, but rather to simply go with the flow. I am testing a new approach to healing, emotionally and physically, after the many conversations I’ve had over the year with friends and acquaintances. About the added stress we tend to put on ourselves with plans and the inability to achieve them. So the new plan for the new year is – to simply not have a plan…and as every day unfolds, jot down – the good (first), the ugly (second), and the bad, last. And let’s see where we end up in six months and then the year, in terms of our mental health… If you are interested in sharing contents from your daily journal, for lessons learned or otherwise, please complete the below survey. Excerpts will be shared daily

Recipes With Global Ingredients in Mind

As stated here, I did do so much cooking and baking over the holiday break. And I have to say, I enjoyed every bit of it. Perhaps I found my new joy… I also had time to scope out recipes online, and found it interesting about the creator of the recipe, adding a twist to worldly ingredients, such as this recipe, experimenting with Tahini. A cultural staple in Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cooking. But the recipe called for Tahini mixed with oatmeal, almond flour and chocolate chips. Never in a million years would the combination have crossed my mind. But I suppose we would need to try it and see how well it all pans out. Here’s a recipe I actually tried and loved, combining Korean and Mexican cooking. Also since Taco’s are my favorite. Indonesian style pasta is this recipe…why not? Let me know if you have a recipe to share, where an international ingredient was used in the most creative or unusual of recipes

Wintery Garden Woes

We’ve had the strangest of weather patterns in San Francisco recently with weeks of torrential downpour and wind, followed by a day of sun, and more freezing temps – all wreaking havoc on my garden. So I nervously keep a watchful eye in between the rain and the storms – mostly wondering if my hillside garden comprised of sandy soil is going to survive the wicked and seasonally delightful temperatures. I also know that for every freak-out session, there are countless online resources available to put our minds at ease. Or perhaps simply lay down the fact that some zone-friendly plants may just not make it past the unforeseen brutal weather in Sunny California. For those of you who are planners and took up gardening like I did in 2021, here’s a beginners guide to keep you on track 10 Things To Do In Your Garden In February

Financial Strategy for 2022

I had a conversation with my financial planner last week…well technically last year…about my portfolio. His main concern – whether I was on track or whatever track I saw myself in the coming decade. I took a deep breath and slowly released because I did not want him to sense how uneasy I felt about discussing money, future, and outlook – all in one go. So we treaded lightly on the subject. I asked for his opinion on the market, bitcoin and the likes, the economy, the pandemic and all other natural and man made disasters or threats. I could sense him hesitating not to offend, not to say too much and try his best to remain optimistic over the hour telephone conversation. So at the top of the hour, where he mentioned he needed to call his next client, we ended by me agreeing to think about my investment strategy, and him emailing me some materials to read and muddle through, to settle on the choices I wanted to make for 2022. I put …

So Here We Go

I love the optimism at the start of a new year. The smiles, the laughter while family and friends are gathered in restaurants for a celebratory New Year’s dinner. And so we shall do our best to maintain the feeling by controlling only what we can, and not dwell on things we cannot for 2022. We shall make our mental health top priority, and avoid being consumed by all things negative. We shall find happiness by focusing on the smallest of wonders, and when in doubt, seek spiritual guidance in seeing those miracles. That’s how I see 2022