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Happy Blogging Anniversary To Me

Just sayin’ Although I’ve been with WP for seven years, I’ve actually been blogging for twelve. I started with Blogger, creating several blogs at a time when everything about blogging was basic and really mostly BETA. Then someone told me about WP, and I decided to move Rawsilkandsaffron here, and leave the other one with Blogger. I love the idea of exciting topics to talk about, and re-designing my blog every few years, adding all of the features offered to create a fun place to maintain and share. And although sometimes I second-guess the nature of the topics – in terms of what to share and what to keep private, at the end of the day we are all the same people – in good and in bad times. So, thank you for staying loyal, and adding your comments and clicking away the like button, and even sending me personal emails. I appreciate all of you and I look forward to the next decade or so of keeping you entertained. Here’s to hoping blogging never …

Lifestyle: To Eat Out or Not, Among Other Things

I came across this article about Americans eating out more than ever, which then led me to another article about millennial choosing to eat out rather than cook, to something called grocerant. This got me thinking about how we end up reading articles online. I mean I don’t know about you, but I tend to start somewhere, then click on a link embedded within the article and then see a side article and read that one, to another and another, soon obsessing about whatever I wasn’t even thinking about reading in the first place. So you get what I mean – right? Anyway, so this round, I went from the eating out part to the millennials to the idea of grocerants and ended up with the following: See how that happened? Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Sunday Thoughts

I’ve been pretty quiet for the past week…I suppose because life’s obligations has consumed me enough to put aside some things in order to juggle the most important of things.  And then I realized one sleepless night that  RawSilk&Saffron is one of the most important aspects of my life, and it was time I shifted my focus from all of the negative and  determine how far I want to take my site. So I’ve begun discussions with various website hosting companies, and other designers to…update my site to welcome more visitors, and engage on a level, I am too excited about. I am also in the process of putting a solid team together of those interested in contributing to RawSilk&Saffron. Please reach out to me if you are interested. You see there is still so much to do and say here, and I am taking a few more days to finalize the direction I plan to go…so stay tuned if you are a dedicated reader of RS&S, or sign up, if you aren’t.   There …

french riviera: cannes film festival and gran prix monaco in a nutshell

I never realized juggling two major events on vacation would be so challenging and yet so much fun. I also don’t understand why the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Gran Prix were running at the same time or maybe it’s better I don’t understand these things. Anyway, we arrived in Nice for Cannes late on a flight from Madrid, past midnight to be exact and since I had a chauffeur pick up arranged for us, I wasn’t worried. Now before you pass judgment about chauffeurs and all, I had no other choice at the hour our flight landed, and public transport getting us to Cannes from Nice airport was not an option. The following morning, I got ready very early, and headed out to the film festival/tourist information office to get myself organized to see as many films as possible in the days I alloted for this portion  of the trip. My travel partner however was antsy to see the Monaco gran prix and was busy organizing that bit of the trip, pushing my …

one thousand blog posts and i keep on going

I got excited yesterday when WordPress congratulated me on reaching 1000 blog posts – in four years – almost every day Monday through Friday. I think I am proud of this accomplishment. Because as you know, staying creative is difficult, finding topics to talk about a challenge, and the time put into blogging a true dedication. I have to also say that I don’t regret being a blogger. In fact, I am now contemplating how far to take my blog. I know I can, and I want to, and in 2015 I am up for the challenge. So, stay tuned, there is more, much more coming your way. Thank you for following my blog, commenting, liking, and sharing. I appreciate you all.