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Decor: Modern Bedrooms

I spent most of my time indoors over the weekend, lounging around, reading and cooking. The weather was pretty brutal in San Francisco, although nothing like in other places dealing with floods, ice storms, avalanches and other natural or otherwise disasters. But here, rain keeps the locals mostly indoors. At one point on Sunday I sat in front of my computer attempting to write a few chapters, and naturally I got sidetracked in so many other ways. I wish there was an off-switch to surfing the internet when in need of using the computer for work or school. But anyway, here’s what I found in terms of bedroom decor that had me thinking about revamping a room or two. and if you are wondering about the color trends for 2019 – click on photo below 

decor: for the loft in you

More and more I’ve been wanting to streamline my home. I downgraded five years ago from a five bedroom two-story in the country to a studio in the city-San Francisco. I made the transition, at the time, not sure where I wanted to live, besides Paris. Since I couldn’t get it together fast enough, I stayed put, aiming eventually to end up in a loft. I love the idea of open concept living, where everything is on display, providing you are a neat and organized individual. The only trouble is, I still want to move to Paris, and my other half isn’t yet ready… In the meantime, I am sharing with you some of my favorite ideas for loft living from one of my favorite blog.

decor: bedroom escapes

Lately, I’ve been spending so much of my time working on my third novel. I normally prefer to sit in bed and type away until I can’t feel my legs anymore and need to get up. For that I am considering a bedroom makeover – since half the battle of being inspired to write, is being in the right place.