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interior affairs

I have to admit, after the emotional roller coaster of a week I had last week, I decided it was time to shift gears and stare at some amazing “adult” home decorating ideas. My favorites this week come from here, here and here

interior decor surprises

Wow, that was a tough first week, getting back into the swing of things after the holiday celebrations. But for some strange reason once I packed my christmas tree away on Sunday, my brain kicked into gear and I began outlining what I foresee the new year would be like in my life or household. One thingI realized is thatI haven’t talked much about interior decor. I guess since I am always wanting to change my decor around, I decided it was best to stop looking for a while. But the urge to redecorate is back and I can’t help but look for options once again. Here are some ideas  I found here, which I  couldn’t help but fall in love with. I know there is a bit of a safari feel to my latest decor love, but I think it’s the exotic feel to the rooms that  captured my interest the most.      

the importance of detail in decor

Like most people I have gone through many phases of decor appreciation, even though I have never been one to buy into trends.  I usually pick and choose what I like and create my own happy place from those things. However, even though that may be the case, I do appreciate detail (trend or not)  in decor, without them no room is complete in my opinion. Check out my latest favorite details in decor (for photo  resources click here)

embracing all things inspirational

Once in a while I have trouble, like everyone else, in getting going for a work week. I pout the entire weekend and by Sunday night, I am hyperventilating because I am once again obliged to carry out a regimented lifestyle for five days out of yet another week. This is not to say I hate my job or anything, it’s just that I appreciate my freedom a great deal and wish I had the luxury to escape the norm more often than I can. Anyway, knowing the much-needed break is nowhere in sight, I turn to some random photos of beautiful things for inspiration,  just to get me by for the week.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow and here’s  hoping for a smooth week.

decor ideas: vintage cupboards

You know the funny thing about vintage cupboards is that, you either like them or hate them.  I happen to be one who loves seeing them when I go to Napa or Sonoma, California because, cupboards are used in most boutique stores, wine shops, deli’s and some bakeries to house their goods. I really can’t imagine a store without them in the wine country, but having one in an apartment just doesn’t seem ideal in my opinion. So, although I shop for cupboards at antique stores and online, I always talk myself out of bringing one home. I tell you though, if I were fortunate enough to have my own coffee shop, I would most certainly incorporate them into the decor of the shop. What’s your take on cupboards?

for the writer at heart – a desk and a chair

I once read that small studio apartments are the most inspirational places for the writer at heart, and after thinking about it long and hard, I realized how true that was, even throughout history. Most well known writers, lived in studios, sometimes in Paris, while they wrote their books. So, as I transition from my past life to the new one, I too have chosen to stay in a studio apartment for a bit in order to, let’s just say, realign my life and get focused on what I want to accomplish from it.  Besides, big houses and too many rooms are not a place for the artistic minded individuals (in my opinion) In line with  the topic I have decided to write about in this entry, I decided to search for  photos of a desk and chair ensemble, to see what actually came to mind when I looked at them. What do you think? Enjoy the photos and have a wonderful weekend.

kitchen talk – small space decor

I can honestly say that the best kitchen I ever had in my lifetime was a galley style with the simplest decor in a San Francisco high-rise apartment. Everything was within reach, easy to clean and a wonderful window, so strategically placed that I seldom had to worry about airing out the kitchen. Mind you I didn’t even have a fan or a vent and the appliances were the simplest and probably the most durable. So, in light of missing my galley kitchen, I decided to share some photos of my favorite galley kitchen decor.

white affair in home decor

As I stated earlier last week, I love Springtime and will often turn to an array of color or not for decorating a home. I am not picky when it comes to pastel shades, whites and eggshell (a.k.a off-white or cream) and even some bold colors as long as it is tastefully incorporated throughout the home.  Of course I cannot stress enough how I wish I could re-decorate my home at least four times a year, at the beginning of a new season. But, since that is not an option, I simply sigh over some of the enticing photographs of decor gone wonderful. Now, the color white to me represents cleanliness (or sometimes) dirty if not cared for very well. It is a difficult color to maintain and use correctly while decorating a home. Too much white, although sometimes soothing to the eyes (believe it or not) can be a bit bland, unless of course you thoroughly enjoy the shade (or is it?). With that said, check out some of the picks I found and …

incorporating the color sage in decor

In light of St. Patrick’s Day and the much anticipated Springtime coming our way anytime in the next few weeks, (depending on what part of the  world you are) I have decided to pay homage to the color “sage” in decor. Now, this is one color, I truly love and will only consider incorporating throughout my home in a subtle fashion. Such as a vase or flower pots here and there, a unique serving dish, candles and I think that is about it. Even though that is the case, I couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at some of the interesting decorating suggestions in the photos below (My favorite is the bedroom). Anyway, I figured I better share them with my readers. Enjoy and Happy St. Patty’s Day to you all.