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incorporating the color sage in decor

In light of St. Patrick’s Day and the much anticipated Springtime coming our way anytime in the next few weeks, (depending on what part of the  world you are) I have decided to pay homage to the color “sage” in decor.

Now, this is one color, I truly love and will only consider incorporating throughout my home in a subtle fashion. Such as a vase or flower pots here and there, a unique serving dish, candles and I think that is about it.

Even though that is the case, I couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at some of the interesting decorating suggestions in the photos below (My favorite is the bedroom). Anyway, I figured I better share them with my readers. Enjoy and Happy St. Patty’s Day to you all.

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  1. mauricio says

    Thank God for people with the gift of color matching and the sense for making things look great!

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