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to japan with love – from the other side of the pacific ocean

In light of the devastating events which have occurred and continue to do so in Japan, I want to dedicate today’s blog entry to expressing my deep sadness for what has happened to the people of Japan. Although I know the Japanese culture dictates strength and durability through most anything life throws their way, I am nonetheless touched by the courage and order the people of Japan have shown during these trying times. It is most admirable and commendable.

How Can We Help:

There are many relief organizations involved in fund raising and coordinating helping Japan cope with their tragedy, I have included some here, here, and here for your reference just to make it easier. Keep in mind at times like this there are alot of internet scams, so before making your contributions, look into the charity organization carefully and ask alot of questions.

Also, I found  a site here, which I am not sure how reputable it is yet, but wanted to share with you and maybe we can judge it together. However, I love the fact 100pct of their funds will go to Japan’s Red Cross. I would appreciate feedback, if you have used this site.

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  1. mauricio says

    I am very happy that you took the time and dedicated today’s blog to an effort that it is very important to at least consider. I know from past experience that one can never go wrong giving contributions thru the red cross. They are world wide and do a lot of good were ever they go.

    My thoughts are also with the Japanese people.

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