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trends for 2011 – reversible tote bag from tiffany and co

Tiffany & Co has a selection of  reversible tote bag with suede on one side and metallic leather on the other  available through their website here. They range between $395 to $595 and come in a variation of colors and styles. It’s an interesting concept with one possible downside, in my opinion.

When you flip the bag inside out, you probably will expose the dirty inside of the bag on the outside, either way you flip the bag. Hope I didn’t confuse you with this.

So in order to avoid exposing soiled suede or vice versa as a result of the junk women tend to keep inside their tote bags, I suggest putting “your stuff” inside several large plastic ziploc bags or smaller carry all pouches before placing them inside the tote bag, that way when you want to flip the bag inside out, it hopefully looks clean.

Anyway, tell me what you think of the bag?


  1. mauricio says

    Don’t know about reversible handbags but it might work, who knows. I have a reversible belt, eventhough its leather, its totally a different ballpark. My suggestion, get two regular handbags (different colors) and you’ll have twice the fun!!

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