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Mother’s Day Gifts for 2020

Being that 2020 is a strange year for celebrating, or by now I am certain most of us have found creative ways to celebrate – I share with you my top picks geared for Mother’s Day 2020: Featured image source and full credit. Gift ideas list go here

Tuesday Feels Like A Monday

I took a few days off social media and all,  to take a drive down to central coast with my mother. A last-minute unplanned birthday surprise for her. I still can’t get over the smile across the face, when I told her I wanted her to come along. She packed faster than I have ever seen her do so, and got ready. It was cute. We loaded up the rental car with snacks, her making  my favorite grilled cheese sandwich, “for later, you know so you have energy to drive,” she said showing me the neatly wrapped stack of sandwiches. All I could do was laugh. She’s adorable. Aging gracefully even though she doesn’t believe it and my family adores her. On Friday, her birthday, we left at nine in the morning, and drove on 101 down south, along the way, her reading the signs and announcing the miles remaining to our destination. Noticing also, all the new developments taking shape on either side of the freeway, and the leaves turning to amber, and all …

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts – 2017

Although I am a firm believer that we all need to show appreciation for our moms throughout the year, I am willing to play along with the special day set aside to honor the most important person in our lives. With that said, I often consider gifts that are specifically for her, meaning to say, not something for the kitchen, unless she has specifically hinted that’s what she wants. This year’s gift ideas I keep tossing around in my head are from here and here:

if i could do it all over again

There are times, like most people of my age group, I contemplate the fact, if I were able to do it all over again what would I change. Although this adult game is mostly played over a glass of wine or two in my household with friends, I can’t help but wonder how other women feel about the question? If I could do it all over again, I would have: How about you?

inspiring thoughts to live by – part deux

A challenging week, yet again, but no worries, I know how to pep talk myself out of a bad thing and into a pleasant one.  The main thing to remember, while feeling like the world is caving in, stay positive and focused and live like you mean business and remember no matter what “this too shall pass” Happy weekend!!! When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” Franklin D. Roosevelt “The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.” Ivy Baker Priest

mother’s day gift ideas 2012: destination spa getaways

What mother wouldn’t appreciate a destination spa getaway. Since this gift idea is a bit costly, I suggest the family pitching in for the spa fund instead of buying separate gifts for their mother. For some interesting destination spa getaways and more, please click here:

modern mother’s day gift idea 2012: accessorizing the watch wrist

I have to admit I’ve worn several bracelet on my watch wrist, oh probably for over twenty years (even before it was fashionable) and I will continue to wear them for the rest of my life (even when or if they go out of fashion). I really honestly can’t see my watch wrist with just a watch, so I figured any modern mother would appreciate accessorizing their watch wrist as much as I do. So, gentlemen, sons and daughters please take note for what I am about to suggest from my favorite department store: