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what i think about while commuting home from work

While most people fidget with their i-phones or i-pads or i-pods to release tension, I allow my mind to wander off during my commute  home from work.

It, not only relaxes my eyes from staring at a computer or gadget, but also refuels my soul. I think about:

My childhood summers in Lebanon

Picnics with extended families on a hilltop far far away from civilization

Saturday morning tea and fresh baked brioche with my mother and girls

Romantic walks through most any garden around the globe

And most of all my dog who is waiting for me to get home


  1. -achang says

    Awww, that is beyond cute! Especially the dog.
    Letting myself meditate or muse on public transit is one of my favorite things to do as well 🙂

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