Month: June 2017

Lifestyle: Self-Help

I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection lately, and sometimes I stumble upon articles that are useful and sometimes I find myself laughing at the suggestions or the unrealistic assessment by those conducting the research, or taking a survey. And then there are those articles that sort of stand out or get me really thinking – like these ones:

List of Affordable Countries Around The World

I’m always researching a move to Europe. Aiming to someday retire in any number of countries. My research is pretty extensive and hopefully well projected and planned. So, if you are also thinking or wishing or in the beginning stages of planning and don’t really know where and when – you might be swayed by this list of cheapest countries to live around the world – in which I am glad Armenia – the hidden gem – made it to the list.

City Apartment Living

When I am away from home, travelling through the countryside somewhere in Europe, I dream of buying a cottage and simply existing. But then I get back home, to my city by the bay (San Francisco) I long to live in a high rise, with views from each room, making my space feel like living on a cloud.  Kind of like this:  

Architecture: The World’s 20 Best Loved styles

It’s sort of difficult to say really what cities architectures truly admire, or appreciate because, based on my travels, I consider every city or town I’ve been to most appreciated – in terms of architecture. But I get it, there is a certain standard or identity to styles which over the years have become most admired and made it to this list. Here are some of my favorites:  

Travel: List of Best New Hotels 2017

I love a new hotel, or the experience of it. My hubs and I got to experience such a wonder in Madrid Spain a few years back – staying in a beautiful hotel that had opened for one a week. The service was amazing, the amenities over the top, and even complimentary drinks were offered on their rooftop bar. We loved the experience, and most of all, loved the fact, we paid half the price since the property was so new. In line with this topic, I am sharing a few of the hotels I plan to experience from a Conde Nast Traveller list of best new hotels 2017: {Featured: Taylor’s River Lodge, Crested Butte, Colorado}