Month: January 2018

What’s Trending On Amazon

Need I say more – to those always on the lookout for gadgets and things to make life easier or simply more fun – check out the latest greatest buys on Amazon: Here’s more – which are great gift ideas for someone who has everything. Also, just curious – what have you found on Amazon that is most useful or a product you simply can’t live without.

Blue Moon Eclipse 2018

Here’s to hoping there isn’t a cloud in the sky so we can actually get a glimpse of the Blue Moon On Jan. 31, all three of these celestial events will happen at the same time: A blue moon is when two full moons happen in the same month (or when four moons happen in one season, where there’d usually be just three—read’s explanation for how the blue moon term came to be) and actually has nothing to do with the moon’s color. Lunar eclipses occur when the moon passes into Earth’s shadow, and supermoons occur when the full moon happens at the same time the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit. The blue moon and the lunar eclipse will take place on Jan. 31, and the supermoon apparently will occur on Jan. 30. So, I am hopeful I can capture on camera what I will probably never see again in my lifetime. This is what is expected: Unfortunately, just looking at the sky on Jan. 31 will not guarantee a view of the lunar eclipse. The easternmost part …

Some Positives From Around the Internet

This post came to mind last night, when I spent countless hours trying to work with my health care provider about seeing specialists, then with the cable provider to work through their ‘triple play’ deal to combine TV, internet and telephone service, and by the time I was speaking with the utility service provider for our neck of the woods, I was spent. Why does everything need to be a struggle? So, early morning, while scrolling through the news, this article popped up, BREAKING NEWS – Amazon, JPMorgan and Warren Buffett announce they are launching independent healthcare company for their employees  – giving hope even if it might be years before we can see results, I am pleased to hear the news Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook How to finally cut the cord on cable TV – is something I’ve been considering for over a year now, especially after monitoring our TV watching habits. In case this is something you are thinking about, read the Full article here: Considering how much I love to …

Health & Beauty: What’s Good To Know

I took two Tylenol before heading out to a company belated ‘holiday party’ over the weekend, aiming to ward off any physical pains I was feeling because of my backache. And without much thinking, I ordered a glass of wine, during the cocktail hour. Then one more during dinner and by the end of the night, one more, totaling three glasses of wine. I usually pace myself at these events because, as we all know – moderation is key to success in any company function. By the time I got home, I felt light-headed and extremely dizzy – so did my date. That night I couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning and feeling an unexplainable high (not drunk), and of course I got online->Facebook at three in the morning hoping to distract myself, and this article popped up. I really hate the fact the internet knows me so well – sending my way article after article about all things that I should know about: More articles of interest – the meaning of a good friend and …

Travel: Beautiful UNESCO Sites For Your Viewing Pleasure

Right about now, the travel bug hits me and it hits me hard – and I start planning and strategizing my travels for this year, aiming at the very least  to include one of these most beautiful UNESCO Sites: {go here for the rest, and tell us if you’ve been to one or more of these destinations}

Health & Beauty: Core Exercises Without the Gym

I endured the worst backache recently – the pain so severe, it zinged down to my knees, and my entire body felt as if out of proportion.  Not sure what I was suffering from, a cold, a virus, a pinched nerve and by the time I could see a doctor, it sort of – well  almost – went away.  So on Sunday I went for a long walk, for the first time in a while, and I remembered a woman I was buying fruit from at a farmer’s market in Florence, told me walking is the best medicine to cure most ailments. And she was right – the walk helped and I feel like finally I am on track to recovery. Of course the internet sensed my latest issues, and sent this article my way  – 6 Best Core strengthening Exercises to do at home and I like the idea that they only take 10 minutes: 1. Bridge The bridge exercise strengthens the whole abdominal region, the lower back and the glutes. 2. Straight Leg …

Monday Morning Starts Off with Things Italians Do Better

Monday we all need a little push to get going, although right about now the day is winding down in some places, and others, oh, it’s the start of another day.  So, I want to keep the subject light – especially after last week, and although I am still not over the shock of losing a beloved family pet, I am going to do my best to move forward. This article had me amused and sort of longing I can’t figure out how to express. So here it is – 13 Things Italians Do Better: And of course Italian’s approach to aging – is something I’ve decided to adapt the older I get.

Lifestyle: Growing From Your Pain

Self-discovery is something we do, more so when we are faced with a traumatic event – such as losing a loved one, a job, an unexpected breakup, health issues, and even children acting out in ways so very unpredicted. The suffering we endure is the most traumatic and although most of us have gone through similar situations  at one point or another, there are no words that could ease the individualized hardship we face or have faced. I know in my case, the most I am told is ‘time will heal all wounds’ and yes it does, but what is the measure of time when coping with a traumatic event. A week, a month, a year, a decade.  The only thing that has helped me is that  I don’t look at timelines. Meaning to say, I don’t wait around for the universe to dictate if I am ready to grow from my pain and suffering. I simply do my best daily to distract, to pamper, and to move on slowly in bits and pieces. Sure …