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Health & Beauty: Core Exercises Without the Gym

I endured the worst backache recently – the pain so severe, it zinged down to my knees, and my entire body felt as if out of proportion.  Not sure what I was suffering from, a cold, a virus, a pinched nerve and by the time I could see a doctor, it sort of – well  almost – went away.  So on Sunday I went for a long walk, for the first time in a while, and I remembered a woman I was buying fruit from at a farmer’s market in Florence, told me walking is the best medicine to cure most ailments.

And she was right – the walk helped and I feel like finally I am on track to recovery. Of course the internet sensed my latest issues, and sent this article my way  – 6 Best Core strengthening Exercises to do at home and I like the idea that they only take 10 minutes:

1. Bridge

The bridge exercise strengthens the whole abdominal region, the lower back and the glutes.

2. Straight Leg Drops

The straight leg drop core exercise targets the transverse abdominal muscles and the obliques

3. Front Toe Drops

The front toe drop core abdominal exercise requires focus on breath.

4. Side Knee Drops

Exercise abdominal muscles with a focus on the obliques with the side knee drop core exercise.

5. Hip Circles

The hip circle core exercise requires focus on breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

6. Four-Point Balance

The four-point balance exercise strengthens abdominal muscles and improves balance.

{See how here}

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