Month: December 2018

My Outlook For The New Year…

As we all know, today is the day, we reflect upon the ‘soon to be’ passing year, and determine how we wish to set the tone for the new year. As I type this, in some parts of the world, New Years is nearly 4 minutes away, while in my part, the day is just beginning. I find this transition the most fascinating part of our existence, that on the 31st of December  to the start of the New Year is experienced in many time zones across the globe. I don’t know about you, but on this day, I have the worst anxiety – dont’ you?  I guess since we are programmed to feel something for every major event in our lifetime,  on the 31st of December, it is anxiety – about leaving the year we’ve grown accustomed to – bad or good, and moving on, ready into the unknown in the coming year. When I was younger, I believed that the new year was responsible for bringing me the happiness I so deserved, and …

Last Minute Gifts and Stocking Stuffer Countdown Begins

Right about now the panic has set in or maybe not – to each his/her own, but the idea that not everyone on the gifting list is checked off  has either helped you to a second serving of a glass of wine or the consumption of much sugary goods – hopeful to reduce the stress and anxiety. Here’s what you do or can do – first take a deep breathe and second, with glass of wine in hand, check out these ideas – scroll over photo

Talks About Christmas Morning Breakfast to Mary Poppins

You know what I appreciate the most about traveling across the pond? The opportunity to wander  into an actual bookstore – whether a chain or a tiny corner store – and just thumb through the reads. I can do this for hours and often times end up buying, I kid you not, ten books to read until my next trip. So with that said, these are the three books I cannot wait to read – from the rest of the 15 book recommends for 2018-2019:   How to prep – ahead of the time –  Christmas morning breakfast – ten ideas to choose from This topic cannot be discussed soon enough in my household – Where to travel in 2019. A list of Valentine’s Day dresses sparked my curiosity this week before Christmas – realizing while scrolling through the suggestions, some are equally a wonderful choice for New Year’s Eve celebration – like this one: And my favorite – I’ve been waiting for a long time for the Mary Poppins sequel which opens tomorrow nationwide and …

All Things Holiday Series

Since I’ve been away for a few weeks, my mind occupied otherwise, I haven’t posted much here. But while walking about here and there, and sitting down for a cup of hot tea between appointments and meetings, I can’t help but overhear folks updating one another about where they are with their Christmas to-do list: You know, gifts, decorating, dinner plans or not, and even a family holiday to some exotic destination – these topics are the norm right about now. So I figured I’d add to it.

Holiday Series: Reindeer Experience and One Amazing Gift

When I saw the featured photograph on T&C front page a few days ago, I smiled, thinking how fortunate Camilla Parker Bowles was to have the chance to see up close – a couple of reindeer. And just as those thoughts crossed my mind again last night, while attending a tree-lighting ceremony, I overheard someone speak of reindeer near by. So I followed them, around the holiday set up of ice rink, and hot chocolate and cider kiosks – to the back – on a patch of grass, where to my surprise I saw a couple of real-life reindeer. Thor and Elsa – who were peacefully nibbling at their dinner…and just for a few moments, I felt a wonderful peacefulness, and the happiest of feelings… Here’s what I am proposing this holiday season: If you happen to have a sturdy winter’s coat in your closet which you plan on donating at some point, or maybe storing in a box up in the attic or down in the basement for no particular reason, then consider going …

Health and Beauty: Just Talks Of Hair

I’ve gone out-of-town  – across the pond – to hibernate for the holidays, and while on some sort of zen, I have decided not to make-up, nor do my hair and pretty much have been spending my days thinking, writing, doing more thinking and reading, but I hate to admit – I’m still VPN working at nights, California time. I realize since I’ve been here, that I miss my otherwise naturally curly long hair from when I was in my thirties. And just when I was about to search for the best of products to perhaps bring back my curls, this popped up. And you know when something I’m thinking about streams online, it is a hint that I need to discuss it here. For all other options – go here For a list of the best hair care products – go here

The List of Posibilities for This Holiday Season

I hate the concept of – I can’t because…, or, there is no way possible…., or simply, NO it won’t work…  Because I am firm believer of anything is possible – and there are solutions to every problem, and the only thing holding a person back is their inability to think outside the norm.

Travel: For The Romance of Winter or Simple Hibernation

There is definitely a romantic feel to winter travel, even if in some places snow and freezing temps are involved. The idea of cozying up with your loved one, or not, but instead tucked under a blanket in front of the fireplace, travel in winter is wonderful, especially to destinations with the ideal accommodations from this list: Hint: Also great gift ideas for her or him.  

Holiday Series: What To Bring to the Office Party

Rrrrright about now, companies are planning their annual office party, where employees sign up for what to bring to the pot luck. Or, a group of co-workers and friends organize a house party – where they provide the alcohol, if you bring the snacks and appetizers. In case, you have run out of ideas, or the idea of running to the grocery store to stock up on pre-packaged goodies is no longer considered cool, then here are some ideas to consider. {Click on image to the recipes} {featured image source}