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My Outlook For The New Year…

As we all know, today is the day, we reflect upon the ‘soon to be’ passing year, and determine how we wish to set the tone for the new year. As I type this, in some parts of the world, New Years is nearly 4 minutes away, while in my part, the day is just beginning. I find this transition the most fascinating part of our existence, that on the 31st of December  to the start of the New Year is experienced in many time zones across the globe.

I don’t know about you, but on this day, I have the worst anxiety – dont’ you?  I guess since we are programmed to feel something for every major event in our lifetime,  on the 31st of December, it is anxiety – about leaving the year we’ve grown accustomed to – bad or good, and moving on, ready into the unknown in the coming year.

When I was younger, I believed that the new year was responsible for bringing me the happiness I so deserved, and each year, I found myself shocked at all the things that had led to the opposite results. I never understood that my happiness in life was a reflection of the choices I made, and that if I were to identify all the negative, or the root cause of what gave me so much grief throughout the year, I could have found  ways to the happiness I so longed for.

I went to church on Sunday. I normally do on the last Sunday of the year for some spiritual insight. We all need it at some point or another – after a traumatic event, a loss of a dear one, and really even after a positive one – spirituality, whichever one you believe in, is key to help keep us grounded or help redirect our attention from whatever negative, to something positive.   This year, one sentence our pastor said, which struck a chord and that was:   “Don’t look for the number 2019 to bring you happiness – but instead find it in your heart to bring happiness into 2019.”

I pass this message on to you – in hopes, that you look at the glass not half empty or half full – but rather as one you intend to fill to the level that suits you, with all things worth remembering.

Happy New Year.

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