Month: May 2017

Travel: Ten Lakeside Destinations Worth Your While

Taking a short trip for a few days to attend a friend’s graduation somewhere deep in the south. I’ve never been to the south so I am a little excited to make some new discoveries. In the meantime enjoy these wonderful lakeside destinations according to Conde Nast- Traveller:  

Happy Blogging Anniversary To Me

Just sayin’ Although I’ve been with WP for seven years, I’ve actually been blogging for twelve. I started with Blogger, creating several blogs at a time when everything about blogging was basic and really mostly BETA. Then someone told me about WP, and I decided to move Rawsilkandsaffron here, and leave the other one with Blogger. I love the idea of exciting topics to talk about, and re-designing my blog every few years, adding all of the features offered to create a fun place to maintain and share. And although sometimes I second-guess the nature of the topics – in terms of what to share and what to keep private, at the end of the day we are all the same people – in good and in bad times. So, thank you for staying loyal, and adding your comments and clicking away the like button, and even sending me personal emails. I appreciate all of you and I look forward to the next decade or so of keeping you entertained. Here’s to hoping blogging never …

Coping with Anxiety and More

Let’s face it, all of us experience some form of anxiety at least once in our lifetime, or have issues with self-esteem or dwell on negative thinking and then we spiral into a depression or embark on some form of self-destruction.  It happens to the best of us. Coping with it all takes lots of courage and a level of maturity to consider how to deal with… Sometimes searching for topics relating to also help. Like these:   {featured image source}