Month: May 2017

Boutique Hotel Pick – Villa Pliniana – Lake Como, Italy

One of my favorite places on earth is Lake Como. The hubs and I, or maybe me mostly, have expressed a desire to move there and live out the rest of our lives… Well, although there is a sense of uncertainty with my life right now, that dream still holds true. I am hopeful I can turn it into a reality one day. But until then I crave a week or more right here:  

What Do You Do When Your Life is Unraveling?

A few days ago I was faced with a harsh reality, forcing me to take a step back to think about all that is my life. I decided while lying awake those nights, that if I maintained a daily routine I can stay focused or not feel totally disillusioned.  But I am finding  it difficult to continue as if…everything is okay. What do you do when your life is unraveling right before your very eyes?  I ask because  we all know that there are a number of components that make up this thing called life.  Relationship, kids, or family, work and a sliver of play and if one of those things is falling to pieces,  you find yourself…in a most fragile state. Worrying that the changes that are being forced upon you, are truly going to be for the better, like everyone insists or is it going to bring out the worst in me. Perhaps, I am vulnerable right now, and scared of what the future holds. And what sucks the most, is that right now I …

Food: Korean BBQ, Honey, Garlic Shrimp

Weekend is almost here and as I continue to dog sit for a friend  out in the country, I decided to have an outdoor dinner party Saturday night for a couple of friends who are kind enough to come up and keep me coming over the weekend.  I got my bug spray, and all the lighting for an outdoor dinner and wine or two or three. Here’s what I am thinking:

Travel: Some Advise From This Former Travel Agent

I miss running a travel agency, over a decade ago, when travelers alike walked into an actual brick and mortar to discuss their plans.  But even though those days are long gone, I still feel the urge to share all things travel on RS&S.  So, with that said, I share with you the latest bit of helpful information for that amazing trip you have planned or are planning over the summer: Secrets you learn from a culinary school in terms of how to maintain a healthy travel experience. And for those, which happened often during my travel agency days, waiting for the last minute to get a password, here’s how. Tipping has always been an issue for me – meaning to say – I never know when, how much and if at all. Here’s a tipping guide that clears it all up. Then there is the carry-on bag or what I call organized travel. This company may have just resolved that – check it out. Here’s a list of new hotels in Europe, and 10 …

Gift Ideas for The Graduate

After Mother’s Day, we must consider a gift for that high school or college grad – yours, theirs, and the ones who call you aunt/uncle just because :).  While a gift card is the safest bet, or a couple of hundred $$$ bills stuffed inside a card, I think an actual grown up gift with some thought put into it – might shock the typical out of the graduate in your life.