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Travel: Some Advise From This Former Travel Agent

I miss running a travel agency, over a decade ago, when travelers alike walked into an actual brick and mortar to discuss their plans.  But even though those days are long gone, I still feel the urge to share all things travel on RS&S.  So, with that said, I share with you the latest bit of helpful information for that amazing trip you have planned or are planning over the summer:

Secrets you learn from a culinary school in terms of how to maintain a healthy travel experience. And for those, which happened often during my travel agency days, waiting for the last minute to get a password, here’s how.

Tipping has always been an issue for me – meaning to say – I never know when, how much and if at all. Here’s a tipping guide that clears it all up. Then there is the carry-on bag or what I call organized travel. This company may have just resolved that – check it out.

Here’s a list of new hotels in Europe, and 10 bridges around the world you might want to add to your bucket list to see – if you are into that sort of thing.

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