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What Are You Reading Lately?

I strive to better myself in every way possible, but on occasion feel as though I am failing. This is a blessing and a curse – because I am very hard on myself and always push the envelope in achieving much more than expected, which is a curse. And yet, I feel my best when I am able to achieve the goals I have set for myself and flourish in the best way possible – blessing? Recently though I’ve been questioning every ounce of who I am, which I think most of us do, at the end to each year, and then assess what we need to work on. In my case, much more than I though of at first, and I am not talking about losing weight, or changing up my wardrobe, I am talking about inner self, personality, character, and everything else that define me as a being. It’s weird how that works – because without any prior research, I picked up two books which I am reading simultaneously solely based on the …

Finding Inspiration On This Thursday Morning

Easing your way into daily activities is the best way to recovery – is something I wholeheartedly believe in. That’s what’s kept me going all these years. I tend to not dwell so much about the pain and suffering and instead find ways to learn from it and move forward. Not really forgetting the events, but rather finding ways to grow from it. That is what I am aiming for and this morning I found inspiration from these wonderful topics…  

Much To Cover This Week – Where to Start

I’ve purchased a journal – which prompts with questions to write your way to self-discovery. At the time I thought it was a great idea to invest in a paper bound diary of sorts until I realized the questions border line those you answer in an online job application.  Where you are asked to troubleshoot a problem, or explain your weaknesses or strengths and some trick questions embedded in there to determine your state of mind or psychoanalyze your way of thinking. So I wonder if this blank journal with questions for headers is truly meant to help in my self-discovery.  Then again, do I really need to discover any more about myself at this point in my life? I thought about it long and hard last night, while up staring at the television screen set at the Hallmark channel, reading lips as I had the volume on mute and finally, at four in the morning, decided to play along. Meaning share with you a few of the questions on occasion with my answers, not …

Looking Forward to October

The first day of the month, and only 90 days to the end of the year. But no worries, October is a month I look forward to, especially after the sluggishness and the unmotivated I felt by the end of August, and all throughout September. To me, October is the month to shed all the negative and just enjoy the most brilliant of colors, the layering in fashion, the shift in decor,  comfort food in recipes, and the prelude to the holiday planning.  October is the coolest month of the year. What Film to see, what recipe book to buy, and where to vacation in October    

Why Treating Yourself Is A Wonderful Idea

I haven’t shopped much this year, thinking I already have all that I need in my efforts to downsize and live a simpler life. But, sometimes, one has to simply treat themselves to the smallest of things, to elevate the otherwise bleakest of emotions surfacing during this time of year. For that very reason, I did a bit of window shopping over the weekend, and without plan really ended up with these goodies. What have you treated yourself to recently?  {featured image source and inspiration for this post}

Lifestyle: Back Pain and Other Remedies

I’ve been dealing with the worst of back pain lately – sitting at a desk for eight hours doesn’t help either. But the pain is border line agonizing. Tylenol helps and walking seems to do the trick temporarily, there is apparently seven yoga moves that also help relieve the pain.   While efforting to Superfood my way to a healthier me – I learned about Lucuma Powder – and just figured I’d put it out there, in case, you struggle like most of us with all sorts of health issues. Animals are probably the best creatures to aid in your well-being, past the meds, and all other stimulants, I prefer the holistic method to calm and tranquility: Struggling to set your boundaries, or perhaps you feel setting them is out of your control – since being so mindful of other people’s feelings – but, take it from me, not setting them will impact your overall mental and physical health: Can social media cause depression? I’ve been considering this claim and have included a supporting article, …

How I Look Forward To Mondays

Most of my life, I have never looked forward to Mondays until recently. Not because my weekends are boring, but because, as I get older, I am loving the idea of going to work. But even though that is the case, there are some sluggish start to Mondays, and that’s when I know I haven’t taken the right steps to prepare me for the day. By Thursday the week before, I have already planned what I need to do over the weekend to help recharge my mind and body, so that the days ahead would be as stress free as possible. You know, where the stress takes over every ounce of your being, elevating anxiety to about a ten – those kinds of days. First – Winding down on Friday night is important – where an Italian meal is in order paired with a good bottle of red  and two movies, comedy is a must.   Saturday early morning, wake the house up to a full-on breakfast, the kind you have no time for throughout …

Lifestyle: Anxiety Defined

I’ve been a little on edge lately. It happens and I know it. But this round, I can’t figure out if there is actually a way to help myself not feel so wound up about even the smallest of issues.  I mean I try my best to rationalize, and adjust my lifestyle and dance around all the stress which lead to my anxiety, but sometimes it’s hard and everything does have a limit. So, if you find yourself feeling a bit anxious recently about this or that – you know the thing called YOUR LIFE, then for that reason, I have included a few helpful topics to consider. Just in case, like me, you are considering a few much-needed changes. And finally, what do you think – is this a true statement?