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What Are Your Plans This Weekend

On Monday I knew exactly what I wanted to do on the weekend, but by Tuesday, the fires (some say due to the electrical storms we experienced in California) near Napa/Sonoma – across the Golden Gate, pretty much most of Marin county, quickly covered the skies, since then making it very difficult to breathe, let alone consider being outdoors.

Sadness on all levels as this year continues to be the most challenging.

But we must stay positive, focused, and aim to find some joy in our every day life to keep on going.

I know most of you are busy these coming weeks prepping your kids for school – whether virtual or in an actual classroom, the concerns are the same for parents in striving to make the coming academic year a healthy and productive one for everyone.

There are other concerns of course – political, economic, relationships and mental health – about those we can all discuss if you like or stay on a positive note here at Raw Silk and Saffron. Please drop me a line to let me know if you want to dive into these topics and I’ll be more than happy to strike up a discussion.

USA, Hawaii, Hanalei, View to Na Pali Coast, Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

In the meantime, here’s a list of hiking trails around the U.S. you might want to consider – if you’ve run out of ideas and have a week or so to drive across a state for some much needed mental detoxing or simply explore the one you’re in.

Our plan was  to explore here. But now are considering going south instead. We’ll monitor the air quality and decide last minute really where we will be exploring.

I have been struggling to find the best home-office chair. Do you have one you love and recommend? Currently I am loving this one.

Do you dress up every morning – even in yoga pants, do you make a conscious effort?

I used to block print a long time ago. This is a great idea for winter activities – click here to learn how to


Try this recipe if you love chicken as much as I do and lemons too

What are you reading lately? I’ve just started to read Writers and Lovers by Lily King

Also, here’s a bizarre and strangely entertaining film recommend for you.

So, stay tuned for a Monday recap and please feel free to share what your plans are for the weekend

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