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Fashion: Differences in US and UK Fashion Observed

My last week in the U.K., and I must say I have visited numerous or countless boutiques, shops, designer stores, and shopping malls, not only to observe fashion in full play, but also to see what the stores have to offer. The first observation was the H&M difference from those shops in San Francisco and the ones throughout well this round, England, Scotland and France. Of course there are many stores in the U.K.-    that we in the US don’t have and in those stores I have appreciated some interesting finds I wish I could take a dozen or more items back home. But I have to tell you it is getting crazy as to how much I’ve already acquired, and now only four days remaining to this trip, I am seriously considering buying another suitcase…or just walking away from these cool Spring/Easter or Bridal Shower party dresses:    

autumn in the air – what to look forward to

When you live in a city like San Francisco, it’s really difficult to tell when the seasons change. Unless of course you are completely in-tuned with nature. Either way,  Autumn has become one of my favorite seasons and one that I look forward to, almost secretly. Autumn is an inspiring season for many reasons: photo credits and merchandise information: photo 1 – click here: photo 2 – click here: photo 3 – click here and here: photo 4 click here: photo 5 – click here

fall 2012 fashion loves from banana republic

Fall, definitely, is my favorite time of the year in fashion and there is no better place to shop for my fall ensemble then Banana Republic. I love the fact, BR (which is how the company is known in San Francisco) has maintained a high standard in manufacturing their clothing line,  while staying tastefully fashionable.  I have shopped with them for several decades and hope to remain a loyal client for decades to come. Check out some of my favorites which are versatile enough for the woman over 40 to consider.

vacation a.k.a holiday travel wardrobe – part 1

Every year we contemplate a handful of destinations to travel to, but end up rediscovering different parts of  Europe. We don’t mind it, in fact when we go down the list, at the end of it, we smile to one another because we know deep down Europe will always win. Anyway, I have actually become an expert traveller, in the sense that I know exactly  what I need to take and what should be left behind for a 2 week trip in most any predictable and unpredictable weather. For this year’s trip I have selected the following travel wardrobe from here and here: Colorful tops in different styles from here Jeans, Khakis and shorts and capri pants from here Comfortable dresses which do not take up too much space from here Sweaters for the evenings and chilly weather and 1 all-weather jacket just in case from here Comfortable all-day walking shoes and sandals and beach wear from here and here, since heels don’t work well on cobblestoned streets 🙂 Conservative yet sexy swim or in …

wool and other blend sweaters for winter 2011

Finding just the right sweater for Winter is probably the most challenging, in my opinion, since there is always some sort of drastic temperature change going from outdoors to indoors. I, for one, would prefer to dress in layers just so I can peel them off when it’s too hot indoors and put everything back on when it’s too cold outdoors. But once in a while I do enjoy wearing sweaters throughout the entire day, no matter how hot or cold I am throughout the day. For that, I have selected some of my favorites from here:

fall fashion must have

Some items of clothing  tend to never disappear from fashion, year after year and while I do appreciate colors and trends, I do create a simple wardrobe based on that fact, which I certainly wear year after year.  Here is one outfit, minus the trendy bags, which I have seen on the racks for the past, at least five years, and one that is simply easy to accessorize to give it a fresh look from one year to the next. 1. Sweater: Carven Ruched Stretch Wool Top $550 2. Skirt: Giambattista Vali Printed Wool Pencil Skirt $1155 3. Michael Kors block heeled suede ankle boot $950 4. Ralph Lauren Collection Corrine Suede Knee boots $1150 5. Top left: Tory Burch Carlin Two-tone leather tote $650 6. Top Right:Reed Krakoff boxer leather and wool tote $990

intro to spring 2011 fashion trends

Although it may seem a bit early to think about Spring fashion, since most of us can’t seem to stay warm enough during this Winter season,  in reality it is actually the perfect time. Well, maybe not from the consumers point of view, but for sure from the retailers perspective. So with that seed being planted in your minds, I have included some photos of the Spring 2011 collection from the various designers for your viewing pleasure. Check them out and tell me what you think? Also, in the next few weeks I will be discussing the fashion trends in great detail, so stay tuned!