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autumn in the air – what to look forward to

When you live in a city like San Francisco, it’s really difficult to tell when the seasons change. Unless of course you are completely in-tuned with nature. Either way,  Autumn has become one of my favorite seasons and one that I look forward to, almost secretly.

Autumn is an inspiring season for many reasons:

fashionable, warm, colorful sweaters and fun patterns

first chance to cuddle underneath a throw blankets on a chilly evening

best time of the year to bake warm apple tarts

enjoy a hot cup of english breakfast tea with a hint of cinnamon

the most picturesque walks to refuel one’s  soul

photo credits and merchandise information:
photo 1 – click here: photo 2 – click here: photo 3 – click here and here: photo 4 click here: photo 5 – click here

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