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how do women choose hair and makeup products?

I often wonder how women choose their hair and makeup products? I mean I circle department stores and small chain stores to study women’s reactions while testing new products or reading the back of one they have heard about and even exchanging opinions at the counter with those who have tried it before, but really what makes a woman finally settle on a product and stick to it, thinking it is the best thing for them?

For example: I have used just about every makeup out there and tend to change the brand only when I sense the ingredients, which have been changed to “new and improved”, are no longer working for my face.

As for hair products, I have also tried just about every shampoo and hair color out there based on of course what my hair needs are during different seasons throughout the year, as well as the quality my hair has become over the years. One thing, I have found, so far is, although I veer on occasion to try something different, eventually  I go right back to L’OREAL hair care products.  It’s worked for my hair type (Wavy, thick hair), time and time again, no matter how much they have changed or improved their product. My favorite now is the L’OREAL  Sulfate free hair care products and L’OREAL Excellence Creme hair color. Together, they make my hair feel and look ten years younger.

I am curious and would love to hear opinions from anyone on this subject matter. So please feel free to give us your input via the comments link.


  1. When I’m shopping for myself, I normally buy things that catch my eye, whether it’s because of packaging or a shade.
    When buying for my kit, I only buy what I need in there to restock it. It’s a more thought out process

  2. There are so many different ways. Sometimes, I use the reviews at Beautypedia (Paula Begoun’s site) — either to vet something I’m thinking about, or to find something new from her “best products” lists. Beauty blogs and magazine articles give me a few other ideas. In recent years, though, I’ve started going to a small, independent cosmetics boutique to try new products.The staff there lead me to items and techniques I might not have considered. Though I eventually replace some of those products with cheaper alternatives, I’m always buying some of my cosmetics directly from them, so I continue to support the independent business that helped me.

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