Month: March 2014

just when you think you’ve seen it all

My jaw dropped when I stumbled upon these amazing photographs of places that truly exist around the world. The best photographs ever taken, untouched, not photoshopped, nor enhanced, nor manipulated or whatever people do to photographs to make them stand out. I actually felt a chill run down my spine and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all – well at least those of you who haven’t seen them. Click here to see the rest of the article and photographs

giveaway novel – just hit like

Since I’ve got to do my own marketing, advertising, sales pitch and whatever it takes as an indie author to get my book off the ground, I figured I’d include what’s happening at – here also. A few of my friends asked, jokingly of course, if I would have any giveaways in the near future. A free book or a bookmark or…. At the time I smiled at the suggestion and it wasn’t until I travelled through England, Scotland and France this past month, promoting my book, that I decided a contest was a good idea. So, here it is. For the month of April, if you purchase Piazza Navona in e-book (online) or paperback (contact me directly for the paperback version) and write a review online for the e-book (on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iBookstore and more) or blog, tweet, Facebook about my book, the paperback version, I will give you Part II for free. That would be two books for the price of one. If you subscribe to my blog, Facebook or …

my definition of the art of living well

The simplest of things in life can be defined as the art of living well. I used to not believe that when I was younger, assuming the art of living well required owning the best of material things and traveling expensive. Not so much anymore. I suppose I’ve grown up, understanding that living well is an art – canvassed entirely by your own brush strokes (R). See for yourself:

rethinking a blog and style of writing

It’s funny this morning, as I sat on a commuter train into work, I said to myself, its time to up the ante for my blog. I need new material, something inspiring, more informative, an opinion perhaps, thoughts on world news and more to capture a new level of followers. I mean don’t get me wrong, my blog was originally  intended to practice writing, develop the creative aspect of my inner being, since I’ve always been in the corporate world – career wise – I had lost my ability to write creatively.  The funny thing is, my English teachers throughout my schooling, have always suggested I pursue writing, always giving me high marks on all my written material, encouraging me. I shrugged it off at the time, as a young student who had no idea what she wanted to do in life – actually that’s a lie – I knew what I really wanted to do, but never pursued it for one reason and another and another. Fast forward to the early 21st century and blogging was introduced and I …

boutique hotel pick – the bonham – edinburgh, scotland

Spring break going forward into Summer vacations is right around the corner and I’ve decided since I am still on a high from my trip abroad, to bring back my boutique hotel pick blog entry for those who enjoy traveling like I do. Here’s a hotel in Edinburgh, I stumbled upon while touring the city, located in New Town – a district a hop skip away from the main center of the town, a place I decided to stay as well. I found hotels in Edinburgh charming to say the least and full of modern amenities and friendly staff, making staying in the city most ideal. for The Bonham, is one of those properties, with cheerful decor, incorporating the old with the new.

eating right or juicing after a vacation

I have to admit, although I watched what I ate mostly, sticking to salads and soups everywhere I went on this trip, I did eat desserts and bread every single day, also downing a few cans of soda for energy and wine and mixed drinks while winding down at the end of the day. So, as you know, like most people returning from a vacation, I plan to watch what I eat and go back to my exercise regiment right away, adding a juicing option not so regimented. Here’s a good recipe to consider: Kale Juice Serving: 2 Servings Ingredients 6 leaves kale (1 bunch) 2 stalks celery 2 green apples 2 pears 1 lime Instructions First wash your fruits and veggies. Leave the kale leaves and celery as is, these can go in your juicer whole. Chop your green apples and pears in half (leaving the skins on) just making sure to remove the seeds. Cut the lime in half and feel free to leave the rind on, the juicer will take care of the …

sometimes you just got to let go

I’m an easy going person in general, although some may think not. It’s taken a long time for me to realize where I am in life right now, makes me happy and content. What I’ve realized in the process is that, part of the unhappiness we all experience is surrounding ourselves with too many negative or unproductive beings who’d rather complain about anything than make a change or strive for a better life, bringing down everyone else around them. To those I have to say, sometimes you have to just let them go – painful or not.

second guessing yourself

I think we all spend a good amount of time in our lives second-guessing a decision or two about most anything and everything we do. I’ve done it many times over the years, but never so much on this particular trip to Europe. Maybe it’s just I’m experiencing a bit of soul-searching lately, but whatever the reason, I find myself privately thinking about things, feeling very sad inside. Slowly, a few chapters in my life are coming to a close and although I feel I have a bright future ahead of myself as a novelist, I do think the dreams of living abroad are coming to an end.  Maybe it’s best, maybe not, but this trip has helped me realize, I am in life where I want to be, and moving  across the globe  or the pond is probably not the best idea, especially when there is so much to consider. I can spend a few more days writing about this trip and sharing photos of what I’ve seen here and there, but  I think …

europe trip – here and there

London day 6 proved to be a better day, although very cold, I walked mostly through the financial district, modern apartment and condo neighborhoods and wondered what it would be like to live in the city, since I’m also considering information for my future move to Europe. Mostly to live somewhere I can speak the language – England or France. So, I have to say I was enlightened by every detail and have now added London to a possibility for my move – of course that is if they will have me also 🙂 Until my flight to Paris, I have decided to add a few night photos of the city of London – a surely romantic stroll along the river, proving it to be worth while.

london, england – day 5

London, on this trip was a pit stop. Not really a place I was particularly  interested in visiting, since it’s one of those cities, if I’ve seen it once, it’s crossed off my bucket list. Sorry if I am offending anyone. I prefer the countryside in the UK, not so much a congested city. Anyway, we arrived on a Saturday evening and after dinner settled in early and watched the Big Bang Theory. I think Sheldon and I were separated at birth. Sunday morning, we took our time getting ready and walked out of our hotel, utterly surprised. London was experiencing, some sort of heat wave and the streets were overly crowded. Then it dawned on me, every local was off work, enjoying the heat and being outdoors. Which made it nearly impossible for the tourists to be out and about, even during slow travel season (or maybe not). We walked for miles, me, worrying mostly at attempting to take the underground or even the over ground transportation, since it felt as though people were hanging out of …