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second guessing yourself


I think we all spend a good amount of time in our lives second-guessing a decision or two about most anything and everything we do. I’ve done it many times over the years, but never so much on this particular trip to Europe. Maybe it’s just I’m experiencing a bit of soul-searching lately, but whatever the reason, I find myself privately thinking about things, feeling very sad inside.

Slowly, a few chapters in my life are coming to a close and although I feel I have a bright future ahead of myself as a novelist, I do think the dreams of living abroad are coming to an end.  Maybe it’s best, maybe not, but this trip has helped me realize, I am in life where I want to be, and moving  across the globe  or the pond is probably not the best idea, especially when there is so much to consider.

I can spend a few more days writing about this trip and sharing photos of what I’ve seen here and there, but  I think there are many blogs doing that already. I’ve chosen this entry to share my feelings instead, making also a conscious effort to end all consideration of moving abroad, and being satisfied with where I truly belong.

Sorry for the somberness. See you next week, after I’ve had a chance to fly back home and get enough rest.



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